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Sparer then gave a brief overview of the political history of the ACA, recounting how President Obama came into office January 2009 with three key goals for the U.
Liu Y, Sparer J, Woskie SR, Cullen MR, Chung JS, Holm CT, et al.
Now, with the advent of PC-based communication technology, Sparer says, he sees a rush to use Ethernet to provide this capability.
During the "War on Poverty" of the 1960s, Ed Sparer and others combined social activism and legal work to create a new form of practice now known through the shorthand "poverty law.
Incidentally, it was good to have been reminded, albeit mainly indirectly, of insights more frequently discussed some three decades ago but which may now, in sparer times, be revisited with profit: the whole notion of missiology found in "the missionary structure of the congregation" thinking in the World Council of Churches, echoes of Bonhoeffer's "man come of age" and "the incarnate, crucified and risen Lord" found in ethics, and the emphasis in the early liturgical movement on the world being present in and through the bread and wine, with the congregation representing the whole community.
Although some of Byatt's fictions fill a canvas as large in scope as Eliot's, she also has created leaner, sparer imagined worlds in which her characters worry their ideas.
Sachs' agonized mythopoetic scenes are founded on a mimetic aesthetic, while Auslander's self-reflexive and sparer poems generate a more autonomous or Utopian poetic space, but each is shown to question how subjectivity and cultural meaning become possible in the face of the extremity of German history.
If the book is read selectively rather than sequentially, I suggest reading the introduction and the chapter by Stephen Linder ("Coming to Terms with the Public-Private Partnership") for a general discussion of the topic and the multiple meanings of partnerships, followed with the four chapters by Sheldon Kamieniecki, David Shafie, and Julie Silvers on the environment, Harry Levin on education, Michael Sparer on health, and Anne Schneider on prisons.
We have described key features of current programs and of the early experiences of five States actively involved in implementing Medicaid managed care (Gold, Sparer, and Chu, 1996).
As online access becomes more ubiquitous, there will be less of an emphasis on mailing relatively expensive full-scale catalogs, more on smaller brochures and postcards that give sparer information and direct the reader to a website for more complete descriptions.
Kane and Kane (1980) suggested that alternatives to nursing homes for the frail elderly population be pursued in the hope that they afford better care for less cost and that fraud and abuse can be minimized in smaller programs (also see Sparer, 1996).
His, Valery wrote, is "the kind of abstract and impassioned literature, sparer, lighter than any other, which is characteristic of France"-- characteristic of France more especially in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
51] So too, a review of health policy innovations in the states has prompted Michael Sparer and Lawrence Brown to conclude that "on the whole the laboratory metaphor is overused and oversold.