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The agreement called for the Sparers to prepare a master plan for the development of the rest of the land.
We're in the midst of putting in plans,'' Joseph Sparer said.
Palmdale will credit the Sparers for jobs created and streets and water and sewer lines built on the site.
Rae eschews the denser feel of her earlier work for sparer, emptier compositions - in general, an improvement.
According to Cynthia Sparer, Executive Director of Children's Hospital of New York at NewYork-Presbyterian, the project began in April 1999 with the dedication of the Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, for which the firm had contributed $3.
Michael Sparer, PhD, JD, Department Chair, Health Policy and
In these collections, Stanford's portrayals of violence differ from the fevered, densely mythic architectures of his early books, evolving into a sparer, distilled narrative approach that often focuses on domestic crises between lovers rather than boyhood pals on wilderness adventures.
The regulation has its roots in a 1948 incident in which pickle packers Sidney Sparer and Moses Dexler were arrested for selling rotten pickles "unfit for human consumption," according to the Connecticut State Library.
But such is the risk which this kind of poetry, sparer than that of Thomas Hardy and others, seems not only willing but destined to take.
Graver does not mention Beckett but Sara Jane Bailes argues in Performance Theatre and the Poetics of Failure (London: Routledge, 2011) that Forced Entertainment s expert impersonations of inept actors share with Beckett an "interrogatfion]" of the "way in which written text can be made to function differently in drama" (67) but this claim misses the sharp divergence between Beckett's via negativa, his quest for ever sparer texts and emptier stages, and Forced Entertainments displays of the clutter and excess of amateur performances.
Article II, Section 2, is sparer still, merely granting the president power to (1) serve as commander in chief, (2) appoint ambassadors, and (3) make treaties with the advice and consent of the Senate.
Film audiences of the fifties, however, were accustomed to sparer representations of sexuality than book audiences.
Elms's floor seemed sparer than the other two, until I realized that big-ticket items on other floors, such as Zoe Leonard's camera obscura and a sprawling My Barbarian installation, were part of Elms's selection but were allowed to behave as if they weren't.
Thanks also to Henry Monaghan, Judith Resnik, Ernie Young, Bruce Ackerman, Jon Michaels, the editors of the Yale Law Journal, my co-contributors to this Feature, and Katie Hall, Michael Sparer and the Columbia Mailman School of Public Health, for providing peaceful office space.
Sparer, Safety Net Providers and the New Medicaid: Choices and Challenges, in Medicaid and Devolution: A View from the States 154, 156-66 (Frank J.