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In subsequent novels the writer will limit himself to a single narrative strategy, and those strategies tend to be marked by spareness rather than, as here, by luxuriousness.
At any one time you might see curvilinear headboards and rockers showing a Shaker simplicity, chairs with expressive Craftsmanlike joinery, tables that reflect a Japanese spareness of form and structure, sideboards that recall the angular modernity of Scandinavian design, and freestanding cabinetry with a whimsical, cartoonlike style.
An aesthetic of spareness is announced in the terse note form and austere typeface, shorn of serifs.
Bright colors and high-tech fabrications add energy to architectural spareness.
It was this sense of unmediated reality, and the lack of excessive manipulation, the pared down spareness, that so charged Andre Bazin.
Given the spareness of foreign flag vessel accidents in our data, we restrict vessel accidents to those of U.
The liveliness of Biltereyst's work is more Neo-concrete than Concrete, more Lygia Clark than Josef Albers, and the overall spareness is evocative of graphic design.
Cezanne's carefully composed pyramids of fruit, with their surfaces constructed out of brushstrokes of artfully modulated colour, have a spareness that prefigures so much later art.
Where a good deal of what passes now for experimental poetry mistakes aridity for spareness, and where "avant-garde" seems too often to be synonymous with a mumblecore of vague discursiveness, Barrett opts for tactile imagery abstracted and collaged together with statements that emerge from experience.
The cue's spareness is a strategic astringency' (p.
Valentine makes a virtue out of spareness, producing increasingly elliptical lyrics to entice readers.
Although most previous McGahern novels had a sense of society (for all their spareness they never allowed society to vanish altogether as it does in Beckett's fiction), they tended to focus on one, frequently distorted or incomplete but nevertheless nuclear family such as the Reegans, (8) Mahoneys, (9) or the Morans.
But for the most part, van Manen strips away ornamentation, creating a sense of spareness and coolness.
Every note really does count here, and frequent spareness of texture allows attention to focus upon the words.
Dramatic events, deep emotions, yet the poetry format keeps it all in control, with a spareness that causes a powerful response in the reader.