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The show opens sparely and beautifully with a ballad, "Mama Who Bore Me," sung by Wendla, the female lead (Lea Michele, a gorgeous and talented singer-actor destined to be a big star).
The author's considerable contributions to British/European practice of TA therapy and teaching, lecturing and preaching are sparely presented.
As he does so, he constructs a romantic, even heroic, picture of Father Arturo, who lived sparely, in solidarity with the poor, who took an active interest in the young people of the neighbouring slums and was famous in Monte Plata for putting a cooking pot in front of the local bishop and telling him to serve himself.
This sparely landscaped, fenced-in oasis was an island in the storm of cross-cutting streets, sidewalks, subway entrances, and bus stops that kept Sheridan Square busy day and night.
There is one gratuitous scene in this generally sparely edited picture (just 75 minutes long), when, near the end, we see Tony curled like a fetus on the floor of the empty room that once housed Eiko's extravagant wardrobe.
This beautiful, sparely written novel speaks quietly yet powerfully about the meaning of home and the yearning each of us has to find it.
It serves up a medley of catchy tunes, from cheerful two-steps and tangos to tender ballads, sparely accompanied by a backup of percussion, double bass, and additional instruments as needed (sometimes played by other members of the talented cast).
This half-drunken interior monologue neatly and sparely dispatches the self-serving lie of American political innocence and its many "piddling derelictions.
The Queen's Gallery is a trim, sparely designed enclosure within the wide and steep but surprisingly narrow fabric of Buckingham Palace.
It's vaguely optimistic in its bottom line--life is difficult, but love conquers all--but getting to this conclusion is rather heavy going, even in a sparely scored piece.
The almost 6-foot-high, loosely and sparely painted Portrait of Dr.
Glass sliders open up from the sparely furnished living room on to a moat of smooth white stones, but the interior of the paterfamilias' apartment to the rear is entirely traditional, with its lining of tatami and shoji.
There is also a short introduction, as well as Gilbert's very useful, sparely annotated "Appendix: Bibliography of Near Eastern Zoology," which overlaps to some extent with the lengthy list of references cited in the volume as a whole.
The sparely drawn design portrays Puerto Rico as a small dot surrounded above and below by the ocean as represented by six distinctive lines, according to Las Cabezas' superintendent, Elizabeth Padilla.