spare (someone's) blushes

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spare (someone's) blushes

To keep from making someone feel embarrassed or awkward. However, due to your family's great service to the crown, we will spare your blushes and not create a public scandal around this debacle. I tried sparing her blushes when she asked me to prom by saying I had no intention of going with anyone.
See also: blush, spare

spare someone's blushes


save someone's blushes

COMMON If someone spares your blushes or saves your blushes, they do something that stops you from being in an embarrassing situation. Williams spared Tottenham's blushes last night, scoring a superb goal against Enfield.
See also: blush, spare

spare (or save) someone's blushes

refrain from causing someone embarrassment.
See also: blush, spare
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Dimitar Berbatov spared their blushes with the only goal, the Bulgarian volleying home from close range in the 69th minute after Michael Carrick's left-wing cross had bounced back off defender David Wheater.
LEEDS Rhinos' gamble almost backfired before Matt Diskin spared their blushes in an 18-12 engage Super League win over Castleford.
RALPH BRAND was the hero for Carnoustie as he spared their blushes with a thundering free-kick to clinch the points.
DRUIDS needed extra time to overcome a potential upset after Paul Mazzarella's decisive strike spared their blushes.
Claus Jensen's strike spared their blushes at throwing away a two- goal lead provided by Carlton Cole and Jason Euell,but Blackburn boss Graeme Souness was gutted to lose after his side fought back to draw level through Andy Cole and a goal from goalkeeper Brad Friedel, up for a corner with a minute left in normal time.
But organisers have spared their blushes by scheduling their films for different weeks, with Dogville not due to be screened until next Monday.