spare (someone's) blushes

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spare (someone's) blushes

To keep from making someone feel embarrassed or awkward. However, due to your family's great service to the crown, we will spare your blushes and not create a public scandal around this debacle. I tried sparing her blushes when she asked me to prom by saying I had no intention of going with anyone.
See also: blush, spare

spare someone's blushes


save someone's blushes

COMMON If someone spares your blushes or saves your blushes, they do something that stops you from being in an embarrassing situation. Williams spared Tottenham's blushes last night, scoring a superb goal against Enfield.
See also: blush, spare

spare (or save) someone's blushes

refrain from causing someone embarrassment.
See also: blush, spare
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Wigan 22 Catalan 16 AUSSIE new boy Matty Bowen spared his blushes to snatch a dramatic last gasp victory for the champions.
But luckily Paolo, who followed his sold-out gig with a second one at the city's Carling Academy last night, was spared his blushes when the car was recovered with everything still intact.
DANNY GLOVER turned from Vale hero to villain and then watched from the bench as Scott Brown spared his blushes.
His spot-kick was saved by Andorra keeper Jesus Alvarez, but Ivica Olic spared his blushes by pouncing on the rebound to send the home side in 2-0 up at the interval.
The Hoops star saw his spotkick saved by Bahrain goalkeeper Sayed Mohamed Jaafar in the fifth minute but Atsuto Uchida spared his blushes with a last-minute winner.
Horner, who spared his blushes with a film set cape, said: "I got nervous as David moved through the field but it was worth getting wet for this result.