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spare (one) (something)

To not force one to listen to or engage in something, especially that which is tedious, dull, or unpleasant. I can see that you understand what you did wrong, so I'll spare you a lecture about it. Spare us the lurid details, James.
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spare someone something

to exempt someone from having to listen to or experience something. I'll spare you the details and get to the point. Please, spare me the story and tell me what you want.
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Another agent, Mike Orji who confirmed receiving the email from CMA-CGM wondered what type of hazards APM Terminal workers face while positioning loose spare parts laden containers for examination.
Several deactivated Hueys in PAF's aircraft boneyards may also be put back into operation with the new spare parts, according to Air Force officials.
Finance has a vital impact on the performance of the health system.6 The cost of spare parts in the financial management of medical devices plays an important role in operating costs of new technology.7 While total maintenance costs of medical devices are calculated, labor and spare parts costs must be included as well.8 Selection of the optimal spare parts and consumables in the medical device sector, where many companies are present for various brands, is important in terms of operating cost of the medical device.9 When evaluating this group costs, firstly, it is necessary to define what constitutes the group.
He said it is the group intend to supply quality spare parts so that the users should have full confidence that they are get best spare parts with they buy ISH spare parts.
And it's not just the rubber that's missing in some cars - 10% (2.9 million) of drivers who do carry a spare say they don't have the necessary tools in their car to change it over should a tyre blow, and 36% (11.6 million) have the tools but admit they don't know how to use them; 6% (1.8 million) are short on both fronts and have neither the equipment nor knowledge to get a new wheel on.
Speaking to reporters at a press conference, Behzad Zahiri, the CEO of IKCO Sales and After-Sales Service Company (ISACO) elaborated on the company's plans and programs for this year, emphasizing customer satisfaction, increasing spare parts market share, broadening international markets and domestic sourcing of the network needs.
Between 9pm on January 12, and 8am on January 16, the offenders stole four spare wheels from different vans parked in separate Gateshead streets.
Spare us the emotion of the choked-up lawnmower champing at resurgent
These vehicle owners allege that agencies selling original parts of vehicles are charging higher than the stipulated rates for the spare parts.
"Spare Key Minnesota has provided assistance to almost 1,300 Minnesota homeowners with critically ill or seriously injured children by making a mortgage payment on the family's behalf, allowing them to spend time with their child," Stevens said.
Also present were business owners and representatives of auto spare parts stores and shops from Sharjah.
Replacing a flat tire on your M939-series truck gets a whole lot harder if the spare tire is missing.
Hormel Foods has taken a step into the chilled cooked meats sector with the launch of Spam[R] Slices, a delicious new product in the Spare Chopped Pork and Ham range.
CAR thieves are looking for rich pickings in Solihull by preying on owners of 4x4s to snatch the spare wheels.