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Because the spare tire serves as an essential part to the reliability and safety of a road vehicle, regular maintenance is crucial to efficient performance of the spare tire.
One per cent never replace an un- road worthy spare tyre and the same number knowingly drive around with an un-roadworthy spare in the boot.
The recent crackdown on spare by lawmakers and Internet companies may be pushing illicit marketers to expand into new technologies.
Lack of understanding about the true costs associated with providing spares and the misalignment of cost-recovery methods used with the actual activities of the processes performed.
A defective sector is replaced with a good one in a separate spare area.
Both Honeywell and Apollo (Hewlett-Packard had acquired Apollo) maintained pools of rotable spare parts to facilitate their computer repair businesses.
Spare starter rope can also be used through either the sparkplug hole or the exhaust port, but be aware that there is a right and wrong method.
And if the Pentagon doesn't know the real price it is paying for each spare part, it is also difficult for it to determine whether it is spending too much in support costs.
Drivers, the only thing worse than a flat tire on a loaded HEMTT is two flat tires, especially if one of 'em is the spare.
One per cent never replace an un-roadworthy spare tyre and the same number knowingly drive around with an un-roadworthy spare in the boot.
Prior reports and studies have identified major risks in the Department of Defense's (DOD) management, funding, and reporting of spare parts spending programs.
6/22/94, aff'g per curiam TC Memo 1992-453, the Eighth Circuit held that certain spare parts were considered assets subject to an allowance for depreciation rather than merchandise held for resale (inventory).