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Ideal thicknesses of wax spacer for completely edentulous and partially edentulous situations are 1 and 3 mm, respectively.
6) In vivo studies demonstrated that reduced deposition of chemical in oropharynx and stomach and increased whole lung deposition of chemical by application of spacer.
You should only put one puff of MDI into the spacer at a time.
Stifel contracted Miami, Florida-based product management services leader Innovation Direct[TM] to represent the Foot Spacer to potential licensees for a 2 year period.
The spacer is available in a variety of sagittal profiles and footprints for an optimized fit, and has integrated titanium plates and screws for additional stabilization between the vertebral bodies and spacer.
Screw the stud with spacer (2) into the lug (4) and snug down the stud.
Not using spacers with inhalers is a significant cause of asthma exacerbations.
The Beverage Cover and Beverage Spacer protect cans on pallets or in transit, reducing damage risk while improving loading times with lightweight dunnage.
Sometimes it's useful to use two sizes of tile spacer if, for example, you're doing stripes of different colour tiles and they're not lining up very well on adjoining walls.
Continue to fit the rest of your spindles using the 100mm spacers, making sure to use plenty of glue on the top and bottom of the spindle and the underside of each spacer.
When added to spacer drilling fluid, the TAPSS: Trapped Annular Pressure Shrinking Spacer product is designed to shrink, rather than expand, the material when it is heated.
To hold the ends of the lower chord in place, cut two dummy spacers equal to the width of a spacer block plus two laminae; place them between the lower chord and the outer stops at A and E to hold the chord in place while installing spacers and gluing the top chord.