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We did get close on Space Cadets, but not physically," Keri beamed.
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Naturally the men who made Garlands great -- Dave and Huey will be on hand to throw a few streamers as will the first lady of clubbing Lady Sian and of course resident space cadet in charge Mr Barry Mack.
as a twitchy and befuddled space cadet who has clearly suffered oxygen deprivation in his ascent to the moral high ground.
Although he has been frustrating - and expensive - to follow over hurdles, the Gordon Elliott-trained Space Cadet gets the vote in the Racing At Fairyhouse January 30th Maiden Hurdle.
Meanwhile, space cadet Tara Reid became the latest reject to be dispatched back to obscurity.
What space cadet decided this was a wise use of funds?
Astrid, who has two sisters, Anika and Aurora, says she sees UFOs but admits she has an overactive imagination - perfect for a Space Cadet.
White tails and silver jeans are also on the costume list before finally it's Space Cadet Kylie for disco hit Light Years and white hot-pants for Spinning Around - the song that turned her career around and made her a pop princess again.
High-ranking pilots are also high-value targets, since players earn more points for destroying a Star Lord than for a Space Cadet.
Open Eagle, winner of the November Handicap in Doncaster over a year ago, landed the opener and Up For Review ploughed through the heavy ground to beat favourite Space Cadet impressively in the two and a half mile event.
Burgess Meredith, and many other noted stars making their television debuts; Tom Corbett: Space Cadet, based on the popular story by Robert Heinlein and 13 color episodes of Jungle Boy, an adventure series from 1955.
And, like so many bumpers in recent weeks and months, the finale might develop into another head-to-head between Willie Mullins and Gordon Elliott, with impressive Thurles winner PYLONTHEPRESSURE, representing the Mullins team, marginally preferred to SPACE CADET, successful at Leopardstown and sure to appreciate this test of stamina.
He's been lumbered with executive chairman Garry Cook, a boardroom space cadet who makes David Brent seem like Barack Obama.
DOPEY TV Space Cadet Paul French has bedded more than 100 women, his best pal revealed last night.