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SOCRATES: We have certainly, as would seem, assisted him in some degree to the discovery of the truth; and now he will wish to remedy his ignorance, but then he would have been ready to tell all the world again and again that the double space should have a double side.
SOCRATES: And how many times larger is this space than this other?
And if this is the proper name, then you, Meno's slave, are prepared to affirm that the double space is the square of the diagonal?
SOCRATES: And how many spaces are there in this section?
Her mountains, her plains, every projection was as clearly discernible to their eyes as if they were observing it from some spot upon the earth; but its light was developed through space with wonderful intensity.
The van full of visiting space geeks didn't mind the harsh conditions.
Meeting the Challenge," plays right to the strengths and challenges we have in Air Force Space Command.
Would the entry disrupt all the progress the market had made by injecting just enough space to dilute supply and consequently perhaps take a bite out of rents?
The NSSI grew from two pioneer organizations: the Space Tactics School (STS) and the Space Operation School (SOPSC).
Some coverage for commercial space flight will be similar to airplane insurance, while other aspects will be closer to satellite coverage.
Just minutes after cruising into outer space, the craft touched down again safely in Mojave, California.
In the wake of the Columbia crash, observers asked whether human space flight was worth the risk.
Even though spheres and tori sit in three-dimensional space, mathematicians focus on their surfaces and so view them as two-dimensional, unlike solid balls and filled-in doughnuts, which are three-dimensional.
Furthermore, space is mutually constitutive of individual subjectivity, including racial identity.