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Early sowing of wheat significantly enhances the germination than late (December) sowing (Hussain, 2007).
The objective of this present study is to evaluate the agronomic traits and seed yields produced from different sowing dates in the soybean-corn crop succession.
Table 3 Fresh foliage weight plant-1 of spinach affected by different sowing dates and frequency of cutting
Farmers should select one of the above mentioned varieties while keeping in view the sowing time.
After sowing, farmers should keep the beds wet or moist for better germination.
The sowing date of sunflower has an impact on the oil content and the fatty acid composition of sunflower, in addition to yield.
Happy Seeder (HS) technology in rice-wheat cropping system, gives an advantage of direct drilling of wheat into loose as well as standing stubbles of rice in a single pass of the field, giving an additional benefit of 60% against conventional sowing (Qamar et al.
SPRING/SUMMER is the best time to grow radishes - and they can be ready to harvest just 4-8 weeks after sowing.
A study was carried out during 2014-15 to know the effective sowing method for improving the spinach production.
Punjab achieved 100 percent wheat sowing target for the current season as the crop has been cultivated on over 6.
Sowing time of any crop usually determines the seed quality of any variety.
ISLAMABAD, July 16 -- The government has failed to achieve cotton sowing target and except Punjab, all the remaining three provinces missed its sowing targets, sources told Daily Times here on Thursday.
And because of this the sowing that started earlier has come to a halt.