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Indoor sowings of summer cabbage and cauliflower, aubergine, peppers, leeks, lettuce and onion can also be made.
This study was conducted to determine the optimum combination of sowing rate and sowing date for semidwarf, standard height, and tall winter wheat cultivars, and the effects on straw production, grain yield, and yield components.
Experts said that farmers can finish the picking of cotton from the remaining bolls from December 15 to 30 which means they should remove cotton sticks some 30-40 days after the wheat sowing.
Of the different agrotechnical factors, the impact of sowing date and the fungicide treatment of the population was examined on the oil composition of LO and HO hybrids.
Before sowing, loose and standing residue were collected separately, as standing stubbles height treatments alter the ratio of loose to standing stubbles.
Keywords: Spinach, sowing pattern, flat bed system, raised bed and ridge bed.
There was significant influence of sowing dates on protein content, and germination %, seed viability (%) with Tetrazolium test and seed vigour (%) with Accelerated agieng at both harvest and 30 days after harvest.
Key words: Sowing date, Frequency of Cuttings, Production, Spinach
Sowing too thickly inevitably results in a crowd of spindly plants, none of which will reach their true potential.
Mary and Balkan provinces of Turkmenistan have finished sowing of sugarbeet that will be harvested this autumn, TurkmenInform said.
PRUNE spring-flowering shrubs over three years old as they finish flowering | SOW sweet peas directly into their flowering position | SPROUT maincrop potatoes and plant sprouted tubers of early varieties | SOW and plant out vegetables including beetroot, broad beans, carrots, celeriac, onions, peas, spinach and swedes | SOW seeds of tomatoes in a heated propagator or on a warm windowsill to grow outdoors when all danger of frost has passed | TIDY up ivy growing on walls, using shears | CLEAR remaining crops such as leek and celery, so the ground can be prepared for new ones | KEEP the kids amused by sowing some giant sunflowers with them, under glass or outdoors when conditions allow | GIVE roses a top dressing of fertiliser | THIN early sowings of lettuce
The growth and production of medicinal plants like other types of plants are affected by genetic and agronomic factors and maximum yield is only obtained when an appropriate combination of these factors such as sowing date is provided for the plant [21].
Make an early sowing outdoors under cloches or garden fleece or in a cold frame in February or March.
The study included six sowing dates starting from 1st November to 16th January of the year 2006-07 with equal intervals of fifteen days.
The next two weeks could be crucial as late sowing could hit yields.