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Sower make it their goal to provide those opportunities by treating the investment as their own.
I would include Marie among the number of authors who link the Parable of the Talents to that of Sower as inspirations for their work.
Replicating Sower, Talents presents a series of apparently utopian possibilities--individual and collective--that people seek but that turn out to be constricted or calamitous.
We have to give back to the generous sower a rich harvest.
Sower does not look to compete with other estate agencies but instead set themselves apart by redefining relationships between client and agent.
So alongside God the Sower is God the Rock-Picker, who clears away all those stones so the Word can take root.
Personally, I look to the Journal to help me understand how all this affects the readers of The Sower.
We want to do everything we can, wherever we can, to help them and, ultimately, lead them to the master sower.
COALE: We have a large statue on campus called the Seed Sower that represents the seeds of knowledge.
Chris Sower and Boston Realty Advisors' Founder Jason Weissman, once fierce real estate competitors who bid against each other, have now joined forces in selling multi-housing properties across New England.
Chiba wrote in the September issue of The Sower, the diocesan newspaper, "but our fall plans will need to be severely reduced.
When Jesus explained the Parable of the Sower, he said that the seed that fell into the good soil and produced its crop a hundredfold represents people who have persevered (Luke 8:15).
Is the explanation of the parable of the sower (13:18-23) sufficient?
The Parable of the Sower ( Matthew 13) likens God's Word, the Bible, to physical seed.
A longer version of this story appears in The Sower at www.