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sow (one's) oats

To engage in rebellious, promiscuous, or debauched behavior, especially during one's youth. Bill and I had to break up because I was looking to get married, and he just wants to spend his twenties sowing his oats. You can't just sow your oats forever! You'll need to learn how to behave like an adult eventually.
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sow (one's) wild oats

To engage in rebelliousness or promiscuity, typically in one's youth before settling down. Bill and I had to break up because I was looking to get married, and he just wanted to sow his wild oats. You can't sow your wild oats forever! Soon, you'll want a wife and a house, and you'll regret the things you're doing now.
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sow (one's)

oats/wild oats
To indulge in sexually promiscuous or dissolute behavior, especially as a young adult.
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