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He added: "By maximising the output of our sows, we have legitimately been able to improve and grow our business; it all started with effective performance monitoring.
The winning contractor's proposed work effort usually becomes the contractual SOW.
Sow seeds in pots in a cold frame or greenhouse, to produce seedlings to plant out in March.
You'll soon be able to sow seeds for your vegetable patch, far left.
Electronic sow feeders--The electronic sow feeder business seems to rise and fall in the United States, but it has reasonable representation in Europe.
Timing is everything when transferring baby pigs from their mother to another sow.
Growers are advised to sow winter wheat early in mid-to-late August using a medium sowing rate.
Other member states have indeed signed up to ban tethers, but the equally cruel sow stalls will still be legal.
If so there are a few things you can sow over the next couple of weeks.
Since green beans tend to produce their crop in one big rush, it's a good idea to sow seeds at two-week intervals.
Recall that in the current year it is planned to sow 90 thousand hectares of winter crops - by 3 thousand hectares more than in 2016.