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Lecherous Personality also had the temerity to 'manhandle' an underling who was too soused to raise a ruckus.
Frederik'signature dish, oysters Rockefella, are soused in a shallot and white wine reduction then finished with panko, parsley and parmesan crumb, before being baked under the grill.
So Gil John spends his evenings soused to the gills, pun intended, and doing as little work as possible while his unseen wife strategizes his political career via long distance phone.
Anyhow, during the Dinara Safina-Amelie Mauresmo match, a mere aperitif before getting soused on Andy Murray, Sue Barker interrupted with some breaking news.
Three years of forcing down greasy rookwurst and rancid soused herring every time I went see my girlfriend seems to have had some sort of terrible effect on me.
One of their favourite starters is the Staithes plate - soused mackerel, salted cod and smoked mackerel pate.
I was brought up on lightly soused herrings, fish of all kinds and hearty lentil/split pea soups.
Cadbury's Dairy Milk would be red and no nonsense - unless they change the formula so that it tastes like cotton wool soused in saccharine.
Plus it's like the Globes used to be back when they were loosey goosey: a really fun, unpredictable party." Of course, the HFFAs have a ways to go, given that the Golden Globe threshold for loosey goosey included such things as a soused Gerard Depardieu using a dinner entree of frogs as hand puppets.
Perhaps, having already had the Rules of Racing translated into Swedish and shipped in tons of those revolting soused herrings for Sven to eat, they are desperate to get one of his compatriots to fill his shoes, though presumably not the pair he apparently used to leave outside the bedroom.
"Bulldozer Driver's Day" proves an occasion for displaying Perestroika's ground zero, where getting soused is the principal preoccupation, a beating the reward for meritorious service.
The book is replete with anecdotes, none more striking than a report of Carver's encounter with a soused, abusive Charles Bukowski, a fellow author.
And yes, she got to survive getting soused for the flick.
Or better still, hire their popular online private driver and vehicle services which could alleviate the hazards of going through winding steep roads when one is soused.