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TONY PULIS has accused Roberto Martinez of "sour grapes" following last weekend's game at Goodison.
TOM WATSON accused Phil Mickelson of sour grapes as their Ryder Cup spat resurfaced on the veteran's return to Scotland for this week's Open Championship.
JONNY HAYES reckoned it wasn't sour grapes Neil Lennon couldn't stomach at Pittodrie - it was just the bitter pill of getting beaten he couldn't swallow.
Am I missing something or could it just be sour grapes on this occasion?
I would say this was another letter of sour grapes, simply because the answer was not what the person wanted to hear.
And the former Blues chief accused Yeung of "sour grapes" for dragging detectives into their bitter spat.
Who: John Hemming Why: The Liberal Democrat MP for Yardley is discussing with Birmingham City Council leader Mike Whitby the possibility of forming a group to take legal action against the Phoenix Four, prompting accusations of "sour grapes" and "hot air" from a spokesman for the Four.
It's all sour grapes. The Russian and Georgian participants weren't thinking of politics.
RUGBY UNION: Warren Gatland has dismissed as sour grapes suggestions from Twickenham that Shaun Edwards cannot successfully juggle his dual-coaching roles with Wasps and Wales.
Broadcaster Janet Street-Porter has provoked outrage among campaigning Burberry workers, accusing them of 'sour grapes'.
DO I sense sour grapes in your correspondent Barbara Dunn, who appears more than envious of the benefits of the 70-year-old OAP and who is not worried about paying her gas and electricity bills?
Mine falls off every other day Britney talking about her Kabbalah bracelet I guess it is a weird thing sometimes looking at all the money I have It's a hard life for Tom Cruise The one thing they can't get right in Spain is the grapes because they all have pips in Sour grapes from Victoria Beckham
Their set of six penstemon ranges from the pure white Snowstorm through the delicate bicolour of Appleblossom to the purple Raven and scarlet Garnet, and includes Sour Grapes and Heavenly Blue.
Homophobia is revealed as a product of jealousy: This Queen has men and women alike lining up to get with her, while rejected onlookers of both sexes bemoan sour grapes.
But the Jambos head coach insists his criticism of the synthetic surface is not just sour grapes.