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However, they slept soundly until they were woken up by the police.
Another explanation is that the word tightly simply means soundly, properly or well.
The Willie Mullins-trained six-year-old tracked Holly Tree from flagfall and jumped soundly before being shaken up by Casey approaching the second last.
THE attack on United Nations peacekeepers by Israeli forces should be soundly condemned, not only by the Security Council of the United Nations but by the full democracy of the General Assembly.
In particular, both domestic and imported mineral water products are expected to soundly grow from 129.
Smaller organizations are already performing to capacity, and they have little time to take a workshop despite the fact they provide practical solutions "based soundly in theory, fact and evidence.
Introducing the reader to an expertly informed and soundly informative text, A Nature Guide To Northwest North Carolina provides a descriptive summary of Grandfather Mountain, Pisgah National Forest, Roan Mountain, Linville Gorge Wilderness Area, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Mount Jefferson State Park, the New River, and many more interesting places.
The amendment, which was soundly defeated in the Senate in the summer of 2004, requires a two-thirds majority to pass.
Whether about the lives of her parents--both Holocaust survivors--or the small, everyday pleasures of life such as "the soft, much-kissed down / on the bottom of the cat's ear," Mishol's poems are soundly plotted and rooted in deep reflection.
It is refreshing to find a monograph that is soundly researched, logically argued, and women-centered, on, of all subjects, women and sex.
Soundly grounded in Buddhist tradition and cognoscente of the Western world view, Milking The Painted Cow: The Creative Power Of Mind And The Shape Of Reality In Light Of The Buddhist Tradition by the visionary Tibetan lama Tarthang Tulku draws upon years of dynamic interaction with western students to detail the traps and pitfalls faced by Westerners as they approach Buddhist teachings and offers sound guidance for building a healthy foundation for a satisfying and productive spiritual life according to Buddhist tenets.
The ever vigilant and hopeful sisters would have wrapped his knuckles soundly and had him come to the front of the class to repeat the rule ten times.
I suspect that their ancient and his contemporary politics would resonate soundly and strongly.
4% of Florida Jews cited Israel as their most important issue but among those who did President Bush soundly defeated Senator Kerry by a margin of 7-1.
Agencies that serve abused children hold bake sales to fund their centers, five in fear every year of appropriated funds being cut and losing their jobs, work 60 hours a week while being paid for 30, and carry the sorrow of the bruised and battered bodies of these precious little children so that the rest of society can sleep soundly at night.