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"Sire," replied Mazarin, in the same tone, "remember this proverb, which I give you as the expression of the soundest policy: `Rejoice at being poor when your neighbor is poor likewise.'"
He had been responsible, he and the great firm of which he was the head, for international finance conducted on the soundest principles, finance which scorned speculation, finance which rolled before it the great snowball of automatically accumulated wealth.
He had managed for me, in my absence, with the soundest judgement; and my worldly affairs were prospering.
He traveled lightly; but his yew bow must needs have a new string, and his cloth-yard arrows must be of the straightest and soundest.
The roof was the soundest part, though a good deal warped and made brittle by the sun.
This other's an escaped felon.--I'm sorry for it, brother,' he added, in a tone of resignation, addressing himself to Hugh; 'but you've brought it on yourself; you forced me to do it; you wouldn't respect the soundest constitootional principles, you know; you went and wiolated the wery framework of society.
If you ask me, or if you ask yourself--which is more likely--what emboldens me, I answer, I have been strongly assured, that you are a man of rectitude and plain dealing, with the soundest of sound hearts, and that you are blessed in a wife distinguished by the same qualities.'
"The defence have been here the longest and are looking the soundest at the minute.
Meanwhile, coach Leo Austria believes that, despite San Miguel Beer's huge 2-0 lead and the way the Beermen manhandled Rain or Shine to get that, writing off the Elasto Painters would not be the soundest approach going into the potential series-clinching Game 3 of their side of the Final Four on Wednesday.
"The BHA (British Horseracing Authority) is already going to Cheltenham and trotting horses up, so now you're looking for the fastest and the soundest -- two criteria.
Canada has a strong geographic and sectoral clusters and one of the soundest banking systems in the world.
The soundest sleepers are in Bristol but even they get only 5hrs 13mins, followed by London, Liverpool and Newcastle.
Lack of public information and community participation in development projects inevitably creates mistrust and problems even in the soundest projects, said Bernd Borchardt, Head of the OSCE Presence in Albania, during a meeting with AlbEITI Director Ardit Kamberi.
And while I claim no expertise in legal matters, I feel that the arguments advanced by NAB in favour of the review petition were pretty strong and made one feel that the rejection of the earlier NAB appeal could not possibly be described as the soundest verdict in the legal history.
THE devastated friends of a popular Birkenhead woman found murdered on Sunday have paid tribute to "the soundest woman ever".