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Murata Americas has introduced the world's loudest surface mount piezoelectric sounder for automotive applications.
Nicknamed internally within AT&T as the Porcupine, the channel sounder is the first of its kind and is proprietary to AT&T.
As well as 90dB wall or ceiling mounted sounders for internal use, the system can also be supplied with more powerful 110dB waterproof sounders for external use.
Exelis (NYSE: XLS) said its Fort Wayne, Indiana-built cross-track infrared sounder (CrIS) has been shipped and is ready for integration onto the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Joint Polar Satellite System-1 (JPSS-1) spacecraft.
It is also available as part of the DL112X, in which the horn sounder is integrated with a 5 Joule Xenon strobe, or as the DL112H combination unit, where the horn sounder is combined with a high output 24-unit LED array beacon.
The alarm sounder and LED beacon can be powered through a single Zener barrier or galvanic isolator.
We feel that the second-year season ticket holders might be soccer fans first (sport attachment), and then Sounder fans (team identification); that is, their level of sport attachment drives their team identification, whereas the first-year season ticket holders might not show sport attachment driving attachment to the team.
New products for the marine market include the Marine version of the fire market's favourite Roshni Low Profile (RoLP) Sounder, the Marine Flashni combined Sounder Beacon, the patented low-current Electronic Solenoid Bell, the Marine 6 Inch Motorised Bell 24V DC, Marine Solista Maxi LED beacon, and the IP66 rated Marine Asserta 110dB-120dB sounder and sounder beacon variants.
A typical system suite includes: 1) positioning--DGPS, 2) subbottom profiler--Chirp, 3) echo sounder --dual frequency, 4) sidescan sonar--dual frequency, and 5) magnetometer--low noise.
Electronic Sounder System: A single-box system that's three times lighter and 90% more energy-efficient than conventional multi-box systems.
CAMERA retailer Jessops said yesterday it was on a sounder footing after efforts to improve margins helped compensate for a sharp fall in sales.
CAMERA retailer Jessops yesterday said it was on a sounder footing after efforts to improve margins helped compensate for a sharp fall in sales.
It be used plate from acquisition from trial, program from acquisition from date, electrical sounder from temperature, electrical sounder from pressure, electrical sounder from revolution and position angular, analyzer from gas.
Since June, Mars Express has also been collecting data with a radar sounder.
After all, modern building methods allow us to construct safer structures and sounder levees.