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Its wide operational temperature range means the sounder can function in automobile cabin temperatures from -40 to 105 degrees Celsius.
The channel sounder uniquely captures channel measurements where all the data is acquired and processed in real-time.
When cabled with a common power supply, the sounder features an alarm accept function.
As Major League Soccer continues to expand into new markets across North America, it is prudent to examine the factors that produced the unprecedented popularity of the Seattle Sounders FC.
Typically, a dual-frequency echo sounder (30 kHz--200 kHz range) and a subbottom profiler are used to determine depth of cover.
High-fidelity Sounder System: Uses a magnet-activated cone speaker to generate noise.
Executive chairman David Adams said: "While the economic and retail environment remains very challenging, the business is on a sounder footing.
It be to achieve a experimental equipment for try the propose model by the author, gifted with device and electrical sounders necessary of modeling.
So far, the radar sounder has revealed that 98 percent of a 3-kilometer-thick (1.
A new era in global meteorological forecasting has begun with the launch of the first of five EADS Astrium state-of-the-art microwave humidity sounder (MHS) instruments on board the US polar orbiting satellite NOAA-N.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-10 November 2004-Consilium AB wins log/echo sounder contract from Finnlines Abp(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
When actor Paul Winfield died of a heart attack on Match 7, his performances in The 1972 classic family drama Sounder and the 1978 miniseries King were duly noted by The New York Times.
Second, consider the sounder itself and figure out where it will be heard most easily.
It would thus contribute to a safer and sounder banking system here and abroad," said Board Vice Chairman Roger W.
Rather than accepting a spot on the dais as the disloyal opposition, Robbins should step aside and allow Noam Chomsky, Richard Falk, or Howard Zinn to speak from a sounder stance.