References in classic literature ?
I and the other colts were feeding at the lower part of the field when we heard, quite in the distance, what sounded like the cry of dogs.
They wished that she would be still; her voice sounded like the croaking of some dismal raven.
As they were sitting down, a light tap sounded at the door, and Ruth entered.
Beginning with a scream and ending in a deafening hiss, the sound track reflects what he and many other astronomers suspect the universe sounded like immediately following the Big Bang and for some 100 million years thereafter.
Also, students' responses were recorded as correct when they either phonetically sounded out words, or read the words correctly as sight-words.
To further complicate matters, other loud noises, such as handclaps or doors slamming in close proximity to the microphone, sounded more like gunfire than did the actual gunshots.