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The sound of a furious ping-pong game--the difference between the paddle/ball sound and the table/ball sound
A bat directs its sound beam, like a flashlight, ahead of its flight.
3 Sound waves with a high frequency, or number of vibrations per second, have a high pitch.
The emergence of sound art as a prominent practice is aligned with this more general revaluation of the senses and, particularly, of hearing.
ADOT is working with the Federal Highway Administration to collect sound measurements before and after the resurfacing to determine ARFC's noise-reducing properties over time.
These harmonics generate a sound somewhere between a roar and a musical chord.
The experimental teacher instructed students to carefully look at each vowel sound presented in the reading task and then provided a clear model for each vowel sound prior to students reading the list of words.
Earthquakes from past centuries spilled forest groves into Seattle's Lake Washington, uplifted nearby Bainbridge Island, and sent tsunami waves roaring across Puget Sound.
As part of the final study, researchers also exposed transmitters, receivers, and recorders from various manufacturers to sound pressure levels exceeding 140 dB.
Among the HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc devices using Dolby's next-generation technologies to deliver crystalline high-definition sound are the BD100 dual-format Blu-ray Disc/HD DVD player from LG Electronics, the HD-XA2 and HD-A2 HD DVD players from Toshiba, the DMP-BD10K Blu-ray Disc player from Panasonic, and the BD-P1200 Blu-ray Disc player from Samsung.
The team attributes the ripples to sound waves generated when jets emanating from Perseus' central black hole plow into the cluster's intergalactic gas.
The sound resonated until I released the key and the damper fell back against the string, silencing the sound.
They weren't the first sounds heard by movie audiences, but Jolson's words in the 1927 hit ``The Jazz Singer'' were music to people's ears and convinced moviegoers - and studio executives - that recorded sound could be more than simply a passing fancy.