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seek a knot in a bulrush

To engage in a futile task; to try to find problems where none exist. A bulrush is a grassy plant that is not prone to knots. You'd have better luck seeking a knot in a bulrush than getting those flowers to grow on such rocky soil. I read the report so many times that the boss will be seeking a knot in a bulrush to try to find errors in it.
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*much sought after

Cliché wanted or desired very much. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) This kind of crystal is much sought after. It's very rare. Sally is a great singer. She's much sought after.
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sought after

Also, much sought after. Very popular, in demand, as in He was much sought after as a throat specialist, particularly by singers. This expression uses the past participle of seek in the sense of "desired" or "searched for." [Late 1800s]
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The fourth picture is that of a man who is sought to assist with an investigation at Premier Stores in Church Street, Flint, on September 21.
The bulk of Romance and Rights describes how whites sought to contain the politics of interracial intimacy, while black activists sought to exploit it.
Policyholders should review their D&O policies to make sure they cover all operations and individuals for which protection is sought.
This paper is concerned with the first issue, namely the time taken from the first detection of symptoms by the patient to the point at which medical help is sought.
The number of violent crimes being committed by Mexican nationals were proliferating significantly throughout the state, and many fugitives wanted in the United States sought safe haven or refuge in their hometowns in the Republic of Mexico.
In this study, we sought to examine facilitative person inputs (i.
482 and the sham-transaction doctrine), P's exam team sought guidance from Counsel as to the circumstances under which it could obtain and use tax information from other Service sources about the unrelated entities, including audits of those entities.
We interviewed all guests at a wedding reception (event 3, Table) to determine the proportion of ill persons who sought medical attention, submitted stool specimens tested specifically for Cyclospora, and received recommended treatment for Cyclospora infections, all with respect to timing of media coverage of Cyclospora outbreaks.
You are also entitled to seek a protective order if the information sought contains trade secrets or commercial information of a confidential nature.
Lyric poets, in other words, sought to produce the same effects as narrative poets and dramatists.
Even though I'm majoring in sociology and African studies with a minor in education, I've also sought related jobs and internships that will build skills in other areas.
By the way, none of this implies that other religions have not also been established or sought preferment from the state.
Agrarian democracy, the religion of the yeoman farmer, sought a West peopled by cultivators.
Whereas people with low overall self-esteem sought an unfavorable analysis of their limitations when given the chance, they sought favorable information about their strengths.
In November 1991 the residential cooperative corporation sought to terminate the sale of the garage unit by the sponsor to a bona fide third-party purchaser pursuant to the Cooperative and Condominium Abuse Relief Act.