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These technologies can be capable of sorting large volumes of whole containers, large plastic pieces, or small flakes in mass quantity.
Currently, the Next Generation ZenRobotics Recycler can sort 3,000 picks per hour on average and the peak sorting speed is as much as 4,000 picks per hour.
Sorting foreign material (FM) remains unchanged since every processor is looking to remove 100 percent of FM regardless of count.
TOMRA Sorting Solutions now has an extensive product portfolio of sorting, steam peeling and process analytics technologies," explained Rune Marthinussen, head of TOMRA Sorting Solutions.
Our focus in this article is on the practical application of card sorting to design a single symbol set for a specific mapping context, rather than its use as a scientific mode of inquiry to produce generalizable and repeatable results.
In data centres, sorting is often the most pressing bottleneck in many higher-level activities, noted Vahdat who directs the Center for Networked Systems (CNS) at UC San Diego.
2003) studied the effect of sorting on the stability of western hemlock exposed to Japanese winter conditions.
Redox Technologies has developed sorting system technology for material recovery facilities and has capabilities in construction and demolition debris, among other areas.
The Downtown Diversion mixed C&D facility (profiled in the March-April 2005 issue of C&DR), accepts a wide variety of material that is entered into a sorting system largely supplied by Lubo USA, Stamford, Conn.
When Garcia started -- 18 years ago -- workers spent the day stooped over a gigantic pile of material, sorting it by hand.
Asecond lamb sorting trial has reinforced the principle that sorting lambs prior to sale can bring financial benefits to farmers.
The purpose of the following two case studies is to illustrate the multiple purposes of a word sorting technique.
Without improvement in collection and sorting, export demand for recovered paper will increase the cost structure of U.
In general, clustering procedures find similarities among data set items that form the basis for sorting them into a series of groups.
The not-so-good news is that there is a new source of waste products which has emerged just as the sorting efforts have succeeded.