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1 that sorting networks can be implemented in an FPGA only for a small number N of items while practical applications require millions of such items to be processed.
Optical food sorting system manufacturer Tomra Sorting Food has reached an important milestone in its history.
As we move deeper into the end-of-life pile of plastics, optical sorting technologies will continue be the key to driving forward in recycling.
* the least significant field is considered the one corresponding to the least significant digit and since we have chosen the LSD sorting, the keys are ordered starting from the last digit, so 3 < 7 < 8 < 9 determines the order: 00013 < 06257 < 08788 < 23469;
The cost of installing a sensor-based sorting system can be offset against the following savings: less personnel tied up in sorting; no extra night shift costs; ease of operation -- no specialist training required; quick and easy installation; low maintenance and operating costs.
In the category of sorting algorithms, the radix sort is among the oldest, probably the best known and the most efficient in sorting small keys on sequential machines.
The competitions provide benchmarks for data sorting and an interactive forum for researchers working to improve data sorting techniques.
(2003) studied the effect of sorting on the stability of western hemlock exposed to Japanese winter conditions.
Prosecutor Simon Hughes said Flowers was employed as a postman at the Kenilworth sorting office.
The Welsh Assembly grant is from the Regional Capital Access Fund administered by the Department for Environment, Sustainability and Housing, whose objectives include establishing a strategic plastic sorting facility.
LIVERPOOL postal workers have suspended a strike ballot after bosses agreed to re-open talks on the fate of the city's sorting centre.
Inc., Newberg, Ore., and often recommends its Taper-Slot screen to help both classify by both size and density as well as moving along mixed C&D materials at the front end of a sorting system.
Tirage, sorting grapes on arrival at the winery, doesn't get the attention that other aspects of grape production get, but for the production of high quality wine, it is essential.
The 25-member team, comprised of brokers and staff from Studley's Midtown New York and New Jersey offices in Iselin and Rochelle Park, made sorting history on January 11th from 3 p.m.