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In an industrial operation drying of sorted lumber can be also complemented with drying schedules that are optimized for each lumber sort.
In the "paper spike" or comparable systems, the recovered paper mixture that is to be sorted runs on a conveyor underneath a row of parallel V-belts that are equipped with projecting nails, or "spikes.
There is a need for children to not only sort and classify objects but for them to communicate their thinking as to how they sorted or classify the set of objects provided to them, More recently we have come to understand the importance of discourse in learning the vocabulary of mathematics.
Since carefully sorted and uncontaminated postconsumer glass containers can be melted and remade at considerably lower temperatures than processing glass from raw materials, this is one area where the effort at the curb pays off for the environment.
Sorted magazine is a vital tool for our advertisers who wish to promote their product to the youth market, " said Mr Pereira.
In any experiment, all the pieces of all the species must be sorted by anatomical identification techniques.
So far, flow cytometers adopt the high-speed droplet electric charge method using supersonic waves, high electric charge and high hydraulic pressure to sort target cells, which may cause considerable physical damage, and have an unneglected affection on the constitution of sorted living cells.
About 25 percent of all the material that comes into JMK Fibers needs to be sorted, says General Manager Swan.
Formerly, his employees sorted OCC into one bunker and other types of paper in a separate one, but now all paper is directed into one bunker.
In other operations where logs are currently being sorted at a centralized sort yard, there is a pressure to move sorting back to log landings to reduce log handling costs.
A high-power neodymium:yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser creates a light-emitting microplasma on the surface of the targeted material, and a spectrometer determines whether chromium is present and thus how the wood should be sorted.
With a touchscreen, users determine which fraction is to be sorted out.
These sperm have been sorted by the fluorescence technique into samples containing 85 percent X-bearing or 85 percent Y-bearing sperm.
The sorting center will meet the technical requirements and measurable performance, mainly - Sorting Flow- Utilization of the sorting chain- Level of purity of the sorted materials- Capture rates of recyclable materials- Improvement of working conditionsthe market also provides sorting selective collection before, during and after construction.
Deploying such equipment allows recyclers to put together higher-value bales that will still make their way to another step in the recycling chain--either directly to a consumer that breaks its own bales or to a custom plastics processor that will turn bales into a sorted flake commodity.