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Rugg and McGeorge (2005) discuss three kinds of materials that can be sorted into categories during a card sorting study: objects, text, and pictures.
In the area of modeling, drying of sorted lumber was simulated with mathematical models that take into consideration the lumber MC variability.
Besides the sorted graphic paper for de-inking, the recovered paper trade also offers unsorted qualities as well as (sorted) mixed papers and boards.
He was encouraged to make self-corrections if he sorted a word in the wrong category.
It seems that the education efforts have outstripped the technology and industrial processes that make the reuse and recycle of sorted items cost effective.
Before Kessler and Werner's model, scientists had struggled for almost a century to identify the geological processes responsible for sorted patterned ground, says Daniel H.
IT HAS only taken one year for RU Sorted Ltd to make an impact on the Welsh publishing scene.
Bulk mail was being sorted Tuesday by a computerized small parcel and bundle sorter in the kind of operation that is a good example of the synchronous nature of the process.
Sorted containers are baled and shipped to recycling markets.
Some have higher values if they are sorted as furniture stock.
Different from the conventional sorting methods using ultrasonic wave, charge and high pressure, which bring physical damage to cells, PERFLOW Sort adopts high-performed microflow control and fixed optical fiber alignment to monitor flow speed of target cells precisely, as guarantees living cells to be sorted with less physical damage.
The particle size analyzes of the incoming field allow to understand the operation of sorting lines depending on the composition of the products to be sorted and provide knowledge on developments in the operation or organization to provide a view to seek an optimized value.
About 25 percent of all the material that comes into JMK Fibers needs to be sorted, says General Manager Swan.
Formerly, his employees sorted OCC into one bunker and other types of paper in a separate one, but now all paper is directed into one bunker.
In other operations where logs are currently being sorted at a centralized sort yard, there is a pressure to move sorting back to log landings to reduce log handling costs.