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3 where the initial (unsorted) set is saved in the memory and the resulting (sorted) set is also saved in the memory.
Lumber sorted at the sawmill was 4 m long, thus it was possible to cut three matched 0.9-m pieces from each 4-m lumber piece.
There is a need for children to not only sort and classify objects but for them to communicate their thinking as to how they sorted or classify the set of objects provided to them, More recently we have come to understand the importance of discourse in learning the vocabulary of mathematics.
Each ball is sorted by how closely it matches the color of the other balls already assigned to bins.
It seems that the education efforts have outstripped the technology and industrial processes that make the reuse and recycle of sorted items cost effective.
Before Kessler and Werner's model, scientists had struggled for almost a century to identify the geological processes responsible for sorted patterned ground, says Daniel H.
The reagents do not react with the sapwoods so the pieces are all sorted as S; the S reagent varies with wood surface pH across the species.
* If sediment is extremely poorly sorted to very poorly sorted, and grain size very coarse or coarser then the grain shape is very angular;
Note: In Excel 2007, every field can be sorted by a different custom list.
But in order to obtain sufficient and constant quality of the sorted paper fractions, it is essential to organize the sorting processes more efficiently, automate them as far as possible and provide them with suitable quality checks.
Formerly, his employees sorted OCC into one bunker and other types of paper in a separate one, but now all paper is directed into one bunker.
In other operations where logs are currently being sorted at a centralized sort yard, there is a pressure to move sorting back to log landings to reduce log handling costs.
A high-power neodymium:yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser creates a light-emitting microplasma on the surface of the targeted material, and a spectrometer determines whether chromium is present and thus how the wood should be sorted.