1. mod. sad and depressed. (Usually objectionable.) Man, old Charlie was about the most sorry-ass dude you ever saw.
2. mod. worthless; poor quality. (Usually objectionable.) How much longer do I have to drive this sorry-ass excuse for an automobile?
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For reasons too terrifying to analyse I had found myself walking around Maccles-field town center one sorry-assed Saturday in 1975," he says of the day he bought the Patti Smith album "Horses.
You get a look at some of these sorry-assed raggle-draggle women they got here?
One big mass of sorry-assed humanity, just bent on fucking up.
I hope this isn't awkward and uncomfortable for you, and I hope you don't mind my starting out by just getting straight to the point and saying so: But I'm going to fuck you in the ass now with a fluorescent light tube, you sorry-assed, primitive thug.
Then last week Gypsy Rose Hyland's shroud of mysteries foretold that the sorry-assed Big Brother producers would somehow contrive to let the muppets watch England's World Cup progress.
The result is somewhat different from the world-beat macrotourist tradition established by Peter Gabriel, Sting, David Byrne, and Paul Simon; and from more recent sorry-assed attempts to synthesize unlikely oral forms, like Enigma's MCMXC a.