sorry you asked

(Are you) sorry you asked?

Do you regret finding out the unpleasant answer to your question? A: "What brought you all the way out to this part of Arizona?" B: "Well, I was in a really abusive relationship. Finally, after nearly having my arm broken one night, I packed up my car and just drove away. My aunt lives near to here, so this is where I headed. Sorry you asked?"
See also: sorry

(I'm) sorry you asked (that).

I regret that you asked about something I wanted to forget. Tom: What on earth is this hole in your suit jacket? Bill: I'm sorry you asked. I was feeding a squirrel and it bit through my pocket where the food was. Sally: Why is there only canned soup in the cupboard? John: Sorry you asked that. I just haven't been to the grocery store in awhile. Sally: Want some soup?
See also: ask, sorry
References in classic literature ?
"I am not sorry you asked it," she said, "for it enables me to do justice to Sir Percival's reputation.
Now, are you sorry you asked? Welcome to the world of my Christmas madness, folks.
But ask him about hand screw clamps or the best way to use a router, and he'll talk until you're sorry you asked.
All is explained this week and you'll probably be sorry you asked.
You will be sorry you asked. Even Mr Blair must be starting to wonder if his faith in Europe is misplaced.