sorry to hear that

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(I'm) sorry to hear that

1. I extend my condolences (upon hearing your unfortunate news). I was so sorry to hear that your mother passed away, Jan. Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you. A: "I actually lost my job last week." B: "Oh my gosh. I'm sorry to hear that!"
2. What you just told me is regrettable or unfortunate. A: "I simply cannot continue to work in this environment any longer." B: "I'm sorry to hear that, Tom. I wish you would have brought your concerns to me before making your decision." We're sorry to hear that you are withdrawing from the master's program. Would you care to let us know why?
See also: hear, sorry, that

(I'm) sorry to hear that,

an expression of consolation or regret. John: My cat died last week. Jane: I am sorry to hear that. Bill: I'm afraid I won't be able to continue here as head teller. Bank manager: Sorry to hear that.
See also: hear, sorry, that
References in classic literature ?
We were sorry to hear that old Joey gave him a good deal of trouble.
Being the product of a Jesuit high school and The Catholic University of America, I was sorry to hear that O'Reilly credits his similar education for his conservative stance.
I REALLY am so sorry to hear that Neville and Doreen Lawrence are unhappy about the decision to screen Martin Bashir's interviews with the five thugs who killed their son Stephen.
SO sorry to hear that one syndicate member was excluded from the lottery win in Kirkby (Office workers become millionaires overnight.
I AM sorry to hear that John Sergeant has decided to pull out of Strictly Come Dancing because he felt there was "a real possibility" he might win.
Online readers Della and Paul Wedgwood wrote: "We are really sorry to hear that Ian has left us, he was a good man, always pleasant and pleased to see us even though our paths crossed infrequently.
I WAS sorry to hear that Rhodri Morgan spent a night in Llandough Hospital and was transferred to the Heath hospital for an angiogram.
I WA S sorry to hear that the jazz and blues Club 57 in Hamilton Squarehas closed down.
Retirement celebration: Frankel, who won hundreds of races with Laffit Pincay, said he's not sorry to hear that the record-setting jockey announced his retirement Tuesday because of a neck injury sustained in a March 1 accident at Santa Anita.
I WAS sorry to hear that Dahlia, the dual King George winner, had died.
READING Jade Wright's column (ECHO, Jan 16), I was really sorry to hear that young Liverpool band, The Great North Western Hobos, were about to split up.
I WAS sorry to hear that Fiona Phillips has decided to leave GMTV.
OAPs Joyce, 69, and 74-year-old Bob broke down in tears when they read the note from the Department of Work and Pensions which started: "I am sorry to hear that the person you were claiming carer's allowance for has died.
She said: 'She's a really big idol of mine so I would be really sorry to hear that.
NAPKIN NOTES: Sorry to hear that both Cafe Med, 10151 Riverside Drive, Toluca Lake, and Twin Palms, 24300 Town Center Drive, Valencia, have closed .