sore point

sore point

A topic that makes one angry or uncomfortable. Whatever you do, don't mention his ex-wife—his divorce is really a sore point with him.
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sore point, a

A sensitive or annoying issue, as in Don't mention diets to Elsie; it's a sore point with her. This idiom was first recorded as a sore place in 1690.
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a sore point


a sore spot

COMMON You can say that a subject is a sore point with someone or a sore spot for them if it makes them feel angry, embarrassed, or upset. The continuing presence of foreign troops remains a very sore point with these students. Slow job growth is a sore spot for the US President. Note: If you touch or hit someone's sore point or sore spot, you mention a subject which makes them feel angry, embarrassed, or upset. The mention of Jim Kennerly had touched her sore spot. It was clear by his expression that my question had hit a sore point.
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a ˌsore ˈpoint (with somebody)

a subject or matter that makes somebody feel angry or hurt: The tax increases are a sore point with Jake, as he’s going to lose a lot of money.
See also: point, sore
References in classic literature ?
I fear I have touched this sore point inadvertently, and she cannot get over it.
It is a sore point with me, this being told what I am to do or not do by you self-constituted lords of creation.
Philip saw that the rivalry was a sore point with the old man.
Tulliver manifested an unusual discretion, because she had recently had evidence that the going to school to a clergyman was a sore point with Tom, who looked at it as very much on a par with going to school to a constable.
The affair of the chaplaincy remained a sore point in his memory as a case in which this petty medium of Middlemarch had been too strong for him.
The Secretary saw there was a strong feeling here on some sore point, and he would have made a diversion from it, but for Bradley's holding to it in his cumbersome way.
Putin The presidents discussed another sore point in relations: the conflict in Ukraine.
SORE POINT Kane feels the force of a tackle and came off on 77 minutes
But, if you have already invested your savings in a Tesla and then realize that the version of the car you bought would become obsolete in around a year's time, it might be a sore point.
The sore point about this problem is that the very people who cuss and complain of others' rubbernecking end up doing the same when they themselves level up with the accident site.
The Eon was a brave move, but the lack of grunt from the engine was a sore point for some.
ENERGY bills are a sore point, with thousands of house holds not knowing whether their next bill is going to be more than they expected, and the added pressure that they bring on struggling families.
Capello had reportedly banned ketchup during his regime, which had been a sore point among the players, but Hodgson has finally allowed his squad to have both red and brown sauce on the tables for every meal ahead of the World Cup in Brazil.
We discussed art, politics and sport - this was a particular sore point as Wales had lost a big rugby game a day or two earlier.
United's enforced break due to a lack of FA Cup commitments was another sore point for the Toon Army this weekend.