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sopping wet

Totally soaked, drenched, or covered in some liquid, especially water. Hyphenated if used before a noun. Quick, come in out of that rain before you get sopping wet! You want to dip the bread into the egg mixture until it is sopping wet, then quickly put it on the hot skillet. I got out of my sopping-wet clothes and wrapped up in a dry, fluffy towel.
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Overly maudlin or sentimental; having or showing excessive tender or sad emotions. He got fame and fortune from his soppy love songs, but he isn't given enough credit for his talent as a songwriter and musician. My uncle always gets a bit soppy when he's been drinking, blubbering on about how much he loves his family and so on.
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sopping (wet)

and soppy
mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also wet.) After about six beers, Ralph found himself a little soppy.
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"I'm getting dead soppy, like, giving her little kisses.
My mothering sons day had to be done from a distance - but daughter was here with her flowers, soppy card and a tight cuddle - and, surprise surprise - a cake.
In fact, they all tend to merge into a single, soppy blur of sugary sentimentality, with only the barest hint of spice.
Upon viewing her works, Huck Finn naively echoes his hosts' reverence for Emmeline's maudlin elegies of deceased neighbors and her soppy crayon drawings of young ladies in mourning.
He's a lovely soppy boy who just loves to be cuddled!
Let's face it, soppy Andre stopped being entertaining the moment he stopped being dreadful Jordan's hilariously henpecked husband.
London, September 7 ( ANI ): Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may have built their reputations by starring in gritty movies, but deep down they are just a pair of soppy lovebirds, who refer to each another by affectionate nicknames.
There are very few songs or poems about lust They are usually soppy, romantic stuff It's been said, lust isn't love Yet sometimes it seems they're 'hand in glove' The Beatles said: 'Love is all' But many don't buy that at all Love can grow cold, love can be cruel Or an emotion for a fool Some use love as a joke, to play on Naive trusting folk While others claim, that lust is fine Intoxicating like vintage wine Love or lust?
Can it really be true that the outpouring of sentiment today, with chocolates and roses and soppy rhymes, came about because the Catholic church wanted to stamp out the unholy ways of the Romans and claim the season of love for themselves?
It's when LeAnn goes country again that it all falls apart, her soppy duet with Brian McFadden, Everybody's Someone, simply appalling.
This may sound soppy and overly sentimental, but we share this planet with so many beautiful, gentle creatures yet we treat them appallingly.
Like Someone in Love is an hilarious title for an Art Blakey album - what the powerhouse drummer has never leaned towards is the gentle ballad - but of course the title track of this August 1960 album is never going to sound soppy with not only Blakey pushing the beat but trumpeter Lee Morgan and tenor saxophonist Wayne Shorter taking their own no-nonsense approach to the melody and its harmonies.
Alternatively you could just curl up the couch with a soppy film and a box of chocs.
It's packed with soppy hits including Steve X Factor, Rooster, Il Divo, Maroon 5 and Elvis.
While producers had promised a soppy ending, fans were on the edge of their seats rooting for the Friends to live happily ever after.