sopping wet

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sopping (wet)

and soppy
mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also wet.) After about six beers, Ralph found himself a little soppy.
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Everything that needs digging over can't be touched because it's sopping wet - I'd be carrying tons of heavy clay into the house.
So I crawled into the back seat sopping wet, shivering like a stray dog hoping for a scrap.
I was sopping wet and they had to dry me off with hairdryers before we could finish for the night.
They use their bodies to demonstrate open, shut, spinning, dripping, sopping wet, etc.
Images showed the pilot -- in a white shirt, naked from the waist down and sopping wet -- being pulled by gunmen out of what appeared to be a lake.
As this bowl has no drainage holes it needs to be watered sparingly, just enough to keep the compost moist not sopping wet.
Of course, the king ended with a face red with embarrassment and sopping wet feet.
To be accurate this version was called 'Pirate Falls', but to anyone growing up in the 80s with memories of their mum's perm getting sopping wet and their sister's fringed T-shirt going seeThrough, it's a flume, end of.
And everyone else says no problem, don't worry, it's alright, which are particularly silly things to say since with the Chief Guest's trouser's sopping wet, it is a problem, it isn' t alright and yes, you are worried there goes the good impression you're working on.
London, July 05 (ANI): Colin Firth's famous sopping wet shirt scene in Pride And Prejudice has been named as the most memorable moment in British TV drama.
com)-- It's not easy transporting a 165-pound dog around town, let alone one that is sopping wet from taking a dip in nearby White Rock Lake.
I had to listen to my colleague's sermon sans glasses that day because there was no way my sopping wet alb could have dried the water on them.
He looked particularly impressive as he stood sopping wet at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider.
The only change noted was that the new product was indeed dry, not clumpy and sopping wet.
While everything was still sopping wet, wash out the brush and gently squeeze between the fingers.