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a sop to Cerberus

A bribe. Taken from the ancient Greek and Roman custom of leaving gifts with corpses so that Cerberus (guardian of the gates of hell) would pass them by. What is this money, a sop to Cerberus so that I won't tell the authorities what you've done?
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sop something up

to mop or soak up a liquid. Use this rag to sop the spilled milk up. The rag will sop up the mess a little at a time.
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sop up

To take something up by absorption; absorb something: We sopped up the water with paper towels. I sopped the sauce up with a piece of bread.
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1. n. a drunkard; an alcoholic. Give the old sop a buck and tell him to beat it.
2. tv. & in. to guzzle (liquor). You’ve sopped booze long enough. Go home.
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Director, Manager of any dept that writes SOPs or performs training
The three major SOP categories are Crude Materials for Further Processing; Intermediate Materials, Supplies, and Components; and Finished Goods.
Finally, an SOP serves as a document that demonstrates that a consistent method is being used to identify and evaluate risks, examine solutions to these risks, and ensure that well-informed decisions are being made.
There are significant accounting, cost and tax differences for an employer that uses a nonemployer SOP, rather than an NQSO program.
Thus, any revenue attributable to the software, including post-contract customer support (PCS), should be accounted for separately based on the provisions of SOP 97-2.
The SOP also changes accounting procedures for dividends and earnings per share.
Recently, the SOP steering committee met at the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) headquarters to finalise arrangements for its 2012-2013 season, themed 'Sports and Investment' being delivered in partnership with Enterprise Qatar.
The strategies book helps you with actual samples and strategies for creating essays, SOP, recommendation letter and everything you need to build to convince the university and faculty
The SOP is effective for loans acquired in fiscal years beginning after Dec.
SOP is used in the specialized fertilizers for fruits, vegetables, tobacco and turfgrass.
For example, a "Backup" SOP determines how the organization wants database backups to be done across the entire organization, no matter how many databases, database types, or system platforms are involved.
is pleased to announce positive results of an independent Preliminary Economic Assessment ( PEA ) prepared by Ercosplan Ingenieurgesellschaft Geotechnik und Bergau ( ERCOSPLAN ) on the production of Sulfate of Potash ( SOP ) at its Danakhil Potash Project in Ethiopia (the Project ).