soon as possible

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*soon as possible

at the earliest time. (*Also: as ~.) I'm leaving now. I'll be there as soon as possible. Please pay me soon as possible.
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It is imperative that effective solutions be found as soon as possible.
5 Clear greenhouses as soon as possible where they are to house late-flowering chrysanthemums or half-hardy perennials.
As soon as possible after the consummation date, management having the appropriate level of authority completes the identification of which acquired employees will be involuntarily terminated (relocated), approves and commits the combined company to the termination (relocation) plan and communicates the termination (relocation) arrangement to the acquired employees.
Managed disability: A process for delivering short- and long-term disability benefits and services so that employers control costs, and employees return to work as soon as possible.
Clear greenhouses as soon as possible where they are to house late flowering Chrysanthemums or overwinter half hardy perennials.
To proceed with this course of action, the Fund intends to file an amendment to its current prospectus dated January 5, 2005 to cease distribution of its Class A Shares effective as soon as possible.
The Glendale City Council voted four to one Tuesday, with Councilman Frank Quintero dissenting, to hold an election as soon as possible.
Teche Federal Bank is working to open the following two branches as soon as possible
Marigolds and petunias should be planted as soon as possible so they can establish their root systems before our first heat wave sets in.
Teche Federal Bank (AMEX:TSH) announces that additional branches are scheduled to reopen as soon as possible today, August 30, 2005.
WOODLAND HILLS - In an attempt to save Canoga Avenue's beloved California pepper trees, officials will remove 39 diseased and damaged specimens as soon as possible, replacing them by early summer.
Although the final resolution of these issues has been slower than originally anticipated, Lakes and their Tribal partners continue to proceed with design, development and architectural plans so that construction can begin as soon as possible after final approvals are received.
The logical course of action is, therefore, to implement limited stop service or signal preference techniques, or both, as soon as possible, but on several existing bus lines, not just on a single line that would take years to implement.
It's important to submit the form as soon as possible, and TG offers the following tips to help families and students prepare:
We want to do everything we can to get criminal wrongdoing out as soon as possible.