hang on (someone's) every word

To listen very closely, intently, or with obsequious attention to what someone is saying. The politician was so charismatic that he had even his detractors hanging on his every word.
See also: every, hang, on, word

rain on (one's) parade

To ruin one's plans or temper one's excitement. I hate to rain on your parade, but I think your A in chemistry was actually a clerical error. Mom really rained on our parade by chaperoning our school dance.
See also: on, parade, rain

rain on somone's parade

prevent someone from enjoying an occasion or event; spoil someone's plans. informal, chiefly North American
See also: on, parade, rain
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The 41-year-old found it tough filimg the latest series of the fly-on-the-wall show, where she spends three days staying with somone famous in their home, as it meant leaving her youngest daughter Jessica, who was only a baby at the time.
Lego chiefs are looking for somone with a child's-eye view of the world.
With the help of those who have this disease or love somone who does, we believe we can reach - and exceed our $10,000 goal," said Jon Watson-Davelaar.
Roberts, said to be boasting about his release from prison and how he was "going to bang somone out tonight", approached Mr Ayabowei and, without warning or provocation, punched him.
But the Welsh region would hardly want to lose somone of his quality and the WRU wouldn't be elated, either, especially given the potential complications that would come into play under the governing body's senior players selection policy.
For example, if someone wants to be a social worker with young women who might request a termination of a pregnancy, should somone have to divulge that they are Roman Catholic and don't believe in abortion?
Despite this, researchers were sure that somone who is brought up with a strong Islamic religious identity is less likely to become a terrorist.
Even though I was professional staff, if the coffee ran low or somone needed to make photocopies--a frequent request in the days before email--eyes often, with benign expectation, looked to me.
Matt Mahalingam, from the Supersaver store on Pendle Drive, told the ECHO that he would still like to see somone prosecuted for the crime.
Some pedestrians seem oblivious, too, and we've all been in the situation where you're reversing in or out of a bay and somone walks across at the back of the car.
Stressing on the importance of a strong background, Zinnov's Girisaballa says, "We look for strong experience, somone who has been an enterprenuer in the past, has worked in an MNC and has lots of first-hand experience.
It could help catch somone who really does not deserve to walk free.
MANILA -- For somone who gets plenty of attention because of his size, San Beda's Nigerian center Ola Adeogun would rather stay out of the limelight.