somewhere, etc. along/down the line

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somewhere along the line

At some point. Jonathan and I started out as friends at school, and somewhere along the line we fell in love.
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somewhere along the line

At some point in time, as in Somewhere along the line I'm sure I climbed that mountain. [Mid-1900s]
See also: line, somewhere

somewhere, etc. along/down the ˈline

at some particular moment or stage during something: ‘How did it happen?’ ‘I don’t know. I just know that somewhere along the line we stopped loving each other.’The report looks at where the market is heading and what we can expect further down the line.
See also: down, line
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Allardyce "Maybe somewhere down the line we will give him an opportunity.
But somewhere down the line, of course, I am ambitious enough to wonder what is out there.
Given the success of the iPad Mini and the demand for devices that occupy the space between a smartphone and a conventional tablet, it will be interesting to see whether or not Microsoft takes another stab at the Surface Mini somewhere down the line.
Somewhere down the line the real you will come out.
Somewhere down the line, someone has a job where they sit in a room thinking, 'I've got a great idea everyone.
In the playoffs, somewhere down the line, you're going to have to beat a good team on the road," Pierce said (http://www.
It is to be hoped that commonsense prevails somewhere down the line in this dispute and that there is no repeat of the industrial action of today.
However, somewhere down the line I can see him running over three and a quarter.
I know I'll be vilified at some point, but I hope when that vilification comes, somewhere down the line I'll get the redemption that a Bobby Robson had," Hodgson said.
I believe somewhere down the line we'll have to start treating it more seriously and playing series' of T20 games.
I do know that, but somewhere down the line he got into financial advising.
If somewhere down the line - probably not in my lifetime - there was a united Ireland, then that would be the only time there would be a reasonable case for one football team.
Somewhere down the line I hope to have consistency in terms of selection, but for now we have to work on a game-by-game basis.
MINIMAL: Work by ceramics professor Edward de Waal VIBRANT: Somewhere Down the Line by Christian Platt at Lewis Gallery, Rugby School.
I have no idea how Abdulahi paid for the legal action - but I reckon you'll get short odds on the taxpayer being ripped off somewhere down the line.