pack off

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pack someone off (to someone or something)

to send someone away to someone or some place. Laura just packed all the kids off to summer camp. She packed off the kids to their camp. After a lot of planning and a few tears, she packed them all off.
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pack something off (to someone or something)

to send something to someone or something. I will pack the books off to you immediately. She packed off the books to my home address. Harry found the books I wanted and packed them off.
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pack off

Also, pack someone or something off . Send someone (or something) away unceremoniously, as in As soon as the children are packed off to bed, I'll call you back, or She told Anne she'd pack her things off as soon as she had a chance. [First half of 1700s]
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pack off

To send someone away to some place, especially in a hurry or without his or her consent: The neighbors packed their children off to boarding school. When I went on vacation, I packed off the dogs to the kennel before leaving.
See also: off, pack
References in classic literature ?
It's ready, Miss," said the maid, holding up the shortened gauze dress with two fingers, and blowing and shaking something off it, as if by this to express a consciousness of the airiness and purity of what she held.
And often, from the side of my eye, I could detect her raising a hand, and brushing something off her cheek.
Queensferry Street lies something off the direct road to Murrayfield.
Suddenly Miss Allan, who was seated with her back to the ruined wall, put down her sandwich, picked something off her neck, and remarked, "I'm covered with little creatures.
He walked away rapidly like a man hurrying to catch a train, glancing from side to side as though he were carrying something off.
EASTENDERS trying to convince us waif-like bride-to-be Linda Carter "will never fit in something off the rack", especially after all that Strictly training.
Hibs will be looking to get over the semi-final but we've just got to go and play the way we have been and, if we do, we're more than capable of taking something off them.
The saddest one came in from one woman who said the ornament from her parents' grave was taken and you have to ask who are these low down scumbags who will even take something off a grave?
One of them said as much afterwards in a text message, crowing: "It was like something off a film.
And before unveiling a commemorative plaque, he quipped: "And now, it gives me great pleasure, as it does every member of the royal family everywhere, to remove something off a plaque.
A source told them: "He was always great to bounce something off, and that will certainly be missed.
The television and video-on-demand ad showed two young boys watching something off screen before bursting into laughter.
Blakey explained that Mart-nez was in his 80s, and told him that he wanted to get something off his chest before he died.
But it could all flip round if we beat AC Milan and Barcelona take something off Ajax.
What's more pleasing than crossing something off your to-do list?