something like that

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something like that

Something along those lines; something similar to that. A: "So you work for a dictionary, huh? What do you do, write definitions for them?" B: "Yeah, something like that."
See also: like, something, that
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anything/nothing/something like that

anything, etc. of that kind: Do you do aerobics or play tennis, or anything like that?She’s an expert in the preservation of paper or something like that.No, there’s nothing like that available yet.

ˈsomething like that


ˌsomething like ˈsb/ˈsth

similar or partly the same as somebody/something; approximately (a number): ‘Is he a travel agent?’ ‘Yes, something like that.’Something like twenty people came to the meeting. OPPOSITE: nothing like
See also: like, something, that
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If they provoked a crime or something like that, it's difficult for us to track that down."
You could be a felon for something real small -- beating your girlfriend or something like that," says Tony Rigor, an ex-con from Los Angeles.
Seven or eight months, something like that. I think O got the job for me.
They really wanted something quite pedagogical, and I might have given them something like that but for Wolf Koenig and Bob Verrall.
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