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There was a light in his eyes as they looked at her which transfigured his face to something superhuman and devilish.
For a month his mother had been very ill and that had something to do with his sadness, but not much.
Everyone had something to say in censure or ridicule of the luckless Madame Maltishtcheva, and the conversation crackled merrily, like a burning faggot-stack.
There's something strange about her," said her friend.
She caught at her breath for a moment, half closed her eyes as thought to shut out something disagreeable.
If I had been clever, I should have left home and done something.
I don't quite see," she said, as if Katharine had challenged her explicitly, "how, things being as they are, any one can help trying, at least, to do something.
something peaceable and friendly to end the uncomfortable interview?
Bulmer put up his sword with an air rather bewildered than annoyed, which increased the impression of something irresponsible in his mood at the moment; then he turned rather abruptly to his lawyer, saying:
They were followed by something like a faint creak or crack, as if the obstacle had either been opened or had given way.
Wait a bit, I have something in view for you this evening.
She paused, as women always do, expecting something after they have mentioned their age.
Each contains something in itself as an object, though not each in the same way.
She said something about letting you know she was going.
She would really like to do something of which her well-wishers disapproved.