wheedle (something) out of (one)

To obtain or steal something from one through cajolery, flattery, pleading, or beguilement. I hate these pushy charity workers, trying to wheedle every last cent out of you that they can. After begging and pleading, the kids finally wheedled the car out of me for the weekend.
See also: of, out, wheedle

work to (something)

1. To follow a particular schedule, plan, or procedure while working. It's important that we all work to the same guidelines, or else it won't all fit together right at the end. I work to a strict time schedule when I work from home.
2. To listen to a particular band or type of music while working. I've been working to heavy metal lately to keep me motivated throughout the day. I like to work to Bruce Springsteen when I'm painting.
3. To expend time, effort, and energy to cause something to reach a particular state. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "work" and "to." We're trying to work the prototype to a playable demo before the big video game expo next month. The bill doesn't have a chance as it is currently, but I think I can work it to something that might pass through both houses of congress.
4. To instill a particular mental state in someone by provoking or agitating them. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "work" and "to." I was worked to a panic when my kids didn't answer my phone calls. The organizer whipped the mob to a violent frenzy, leading to a riot breaking out along Main Street.
See also: to, work
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