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"If somebody says, 'I want to go someplace where I can worry about me and not worry about a team,' they're probably better off somewhere else - and we're better off if they go there." In addition to making culture a centerpiece of discussions, the firm also reaches out to friends and colleagues of employees - a candidate pool that already has at least a secondhand understanding of the firm's culture.
Today, if the first novel about growing up is successful, the American novelist usually moves directly to a university campus, or (if the success is both critical and commercial) to the New York haut monde or (if it's just commercial) to someplace warm like Beverly Hills or Aruba.
Lewis's vision, moving someplace obscure and dangerous, a world beyond good and evil.
But Life Is Beautiful also takes us someplace no other comedy would dream of going, into the maw of Hitler's death camps.
He thinks - how obvious, how naive of him - the localized light he observes is real: "When I go someplace, it's in my work." We think - how anxious, how critical of us - he must be deceived.
So the next morning, after an airplane breakfast of egg by-products, I opened LaVerdiere's book someplace over Montana and began to read.
It won't be someplace where you can just step inside, put your coat down, and have a coffee.
My first reaction to the Kennedy auction and Presley's razor wavered someplace between chagrin and mild disgust, saddened by the obscene amounts of money and attention being dished out for what amounted to celebrity hand-me-downs and marveling once again at a culture capable of worshiping the silliest of saints.
But he also either simply took a wrong stylistic turn someplace (opting for emphatic geometric shapes ordered on grids, instead of letting the act of painting dictate more of the composition, a la de Kooning), or got bogged down in what became a trademark mystical uplift (using shapes - circles and diamonds with concave edges - that seem like they came from a clip-art catalogue for mystics).
The trees stayed on the board until February 2nd, and I still have one in a scrapbook someplace.
The audience was expected to remain pumped up under the merest suspicion that somehow it would stumble on the incredible privilege - there was footage out there someplace, rumors, hadn't a superior group, an elite, managed to glimpse a 2:00 AM screening?
Art will meet you where you stand only to take you someplace else.
Cummings"), but like pins left in a bespoke suit, misspellings poke painfully through the volume's prose, and even though I'm a proponent of gush, Seidner takes it someplace it was never meant to go.
Where once one might have found oneself lost in a swamp of prose, within which the author himself seemed to have abandoned his theme, now the paragraphs are modulated with utter confidence, and if the argument sometimes wanders, we know nonetheless that Gass is leading us someplace. Finding a Form is a grand peroration, from a man who has thought and studied and written with extraordinary diligence and love of his chosen art.
JB: You said you were interested in trains as a kid, but I believe I also remember seeing someplace that Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day was based on an actual story you read.