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In Someplace Like America they deliver another exceptionally well-crafted study of American poverty.
Drummer Nondon Bagchi's band, Hip Pocket, began the trend of turning Someplace Else into a nightly gig venue
If we record the data someplace else (stepping to a terminal in the nursing station, say), or have to translate it elsewhere (typed from the doctor's notes by medical records specialists or transcribed from dictation), we accumulate errors.
Walsh reports that the Air Force currently estimates that it costs $40,000 an hour to fly the president someplace.
At last,' she whispered, `I've made it to Someplace Special.
This "charge transfer" ensures that when a donor molecule gets excited by light and lets go of an electron, that electron gets whisked away to someplace from which it cannot return.
Aside from the negative effects of excessive erosion on stand productivity and access, when soil is transported off the site it ends up someplace else.
You are brought into a new reality with all of the surprises and familiarities of someplace you imagine might exist a hundred years from now.
Someday they may see the value of having someplace to get away from it all, but my wife and I really don't wish that on them.
Mame had plenty of time to be fabulous while Patrick was figuring out masturbation someplace far away.
For many CEOs and their families, it's an annual question: Go skiing in the Rockies for spring break, or bask in the sun someplace south?
Tony Matelli effaced the reality of the room to open up an imaginary world located someplace far, far away.
From someplace deep in me I felt a song, tears, and words trying to escape.