(one's) heart is in (one's) mouth

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(one's) heart is in (one's) mouth

(One) feels extremely nervous, fearful, or anxious. Our hearts were in our mouths as we waited for them to announce the winner.
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one's heart is in one's mouth

Fig. one feels strongly emotional (about someone or something). (See also have one's heart in one's mouth.) "Gosh, Mary," said John, "My heart is in my mouth whenever I see you." It was a touching scene. My heart was in my mouth the whole time.
See also: heart, mouth
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your heart is in your mouth

If your heart is in your mouth, you feel extremely anxious or nervous, because you think something unpleasant may be about to happen. Note: The heart is traditionally regarded as the centre of the emotions. My heart was in my mouth when I walked into her office. `Wait!' a rough voice commanded. Nancy stopped, then turned, her heart in her mouth.
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your heart is in your ˈmouth

(informal) you feel very anxious or afraid: My heart was in my mouth as I waited to hear whether the jury would find me guilty or not guilty.
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