somebody wouldn't be seen/caught dead...

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wouldn't be caught dead (doing something)

Would never (do the thing being discussed). I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that shirt. You can burn it for all I care. She had always said she wouldn't be caught dead working for that company, but I guess everyone has their price.
See also: caught, dead

wouldn't be seen dead


wouldn't be caught dead

COMMON If you say that you wouldn't be seen dead or wouldn't be caught dead in particular clothes, places, or situations, you are emphasizing that you strongly dislike or disapprove of them. I wouldn't be seen dead in a black straw hat. The modern cowboy wouldn't be caught dead in such an old-fashioned place. There's many a dad who wouldn't be seen dead wheeling a baby in a pram through the park.
See also: dead, seen

somebody wouldn’t be seen/caught ˈdead...

(spoken) used to say that you would not do a particular thing because you would feel stupid or embarrassed: I wouldn’t be seen dead in a hat like that.She wouldn’t be caught dead in a place like this.
See also: caught, seen, somebody
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