somebody, who will/shall remain/be nameless

who shall remain nameless

Used to specify that someone will remain anonymous in a discussion so as to avoid embarrassing them, getting them into trouble, or to highlight that they already know what they've done. It seems that one of our technicians, who shall remain nameless, failed to properly shut down the system before maintenance took place, resulting in outages across the city. Someone, who shall remain nameless, spilled coffee on the photocopier, so it will be out of commission for the next week or so.
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somebody, who will/shall remain/be ˈnameless

(humorous) used to say that you will not mention somebody’s name, either because the people listening to you already know who you are talking about, or because you do not want to embarrass somebody: Somebody, who will remain nameless, actually managed to drink two bottles of champagne!
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