your/somebody's game

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(one's) game

One's agenda, plan, or ulterior motive. I can't figure out why Janet is suddenly volunteering for the position she said she would never do. What's her game? Ah, so that's their game: buy up all the competition and then raise prices however high they want.
See also: game

your/somebody’s (little) ˈgame

(informal) your/somebody’s trick, plan or intention: So that’s your little game — getting me moved to a different office and then doing my job for me.
See also: game
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I believe that the then Serbian leadership was a part of somebody's game, of some kitchens of the old state security structures.
Because if you do not, you may hear a shot, and end up in somebody's game pie.
That IBM machine, the Osborne, the Super-brain, the Rainbow, and any number of other brands of micros have faded into history, useful now only as answers in somebody's game of Microtrivial Pursuit.
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