some shut-eye


slang Sleep. (Usually qualified with words like "some," "a little," "a bit of," etc.) Hey, it's late. We should catch some shuteye so we're not exhausted tomorrow. Why don't you try to get a few hours of shuteye before we leave for the airport?
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*some shut-eye

some sleep. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; use ~; need ~.) I need to get home and get some shut-eye before I do anything else. We all could use some shut-eye.
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A father and son found the 40-year-old man getting some shut-eye on a couch in the yoga room of their home in Erfurt on Saturday night.
Back at home, the knackered mum is desperate for some shut-eye but Isaac won't stop crying.
Breastfeeding expert Sioned Hilton will be sharing tips on successful breastfeeding and sleep guru Chireal Shallow will be revealing the secret on getting some shut-eye.
Here's how to get some shut-eye during a balmy August.
James Isaacs hoped to get some shut-eye on the Dundee Stars bus overnight after his whirlwind arrival to UK ice hockey.
Clearly exhausted, she tries to catch some shut-eye on her dad's lap while the Men in Black actor looks out of the plane.
Assuming you're not still buzzing from the night-time session in the Aussie Open, there are no excuses for not getting some shut-eye before our Muzza bids to make the final against Marin Cilic.
Justin Ross Lee was fortunate enough to be seated alongside Pitt on a recent flight from Los Angeles to New York and he was able to capture the moment on his mobile phone.e has since posted the clip, showing Pitt tucking into his in-flight meal of chicken, enjoying a beer and catching some shut-eye, on brightcove.
For looks to kill, follow advice from beautician Sarah McConnell, of Yarm Road's Re:nu Beauty Get some shut-eye The eyes don't lie - everyone knows when you've had a late night!
The interlocking bunks will be fitted throughout economy class - meaning fliers can get some shut-eye instead of red-eye.
* GET SOME SHUT-EYE. Chronic insomnia is a risk factor for hypertension.
She claims that a darkened and noiseless room can help even the most energized dancer catch some shut-eye. "Don't start anything stressful before going to bed," says Berardi.
Yet, scientists know little about what the brain's doing as people struggle to get some shut-eye.
Workers who put in longer hours than anyone else in Europe reckon catching up on some shut-eye is the best bit of an away break, according to a survey by travel magazine Escape Routes.
KENDRICK Lamar made sure he got some shut-eye before his big gig with Eminem at Bellahouston Park last night.
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