some loose ends

loose ends

The aspects of something that are unresolved or unfinished. I just need to tie up a few loose ends before I put the house up for sale. My thesis is almost done—the only loose ends are formatting and proofreading. I have a few loose ends I want to address before I move out West.
See also: end, loose

*some loose ends

Fig. some things that are not yet finished; some problems not yet solved. (*Typically: are ~; have ~; leave~; tie ~ up; take care of ~.) I have to stay in town this weekend and tie up some loose ends.
See also: end, loose
References in classic literature ?
I expect we've all left some loose ends stickin' out," said Lord John.
The last episode seemed to be a tie up of some loose ends.
As for the man who currently holds the job, interim coach Frank Hamblen still has some loose ends to tie up as the Lakers play out the regular season.
Lowry says some loose ends need to be tidied up before the transaction is finalized.
The book concludes by tying some loose ends of the analysis to seemingly contradictory generalizations in which Italian history abounds.
It can be satisfying when two conundrums fit together -- they may just form one big puzzle, but at least some loose ends have been tied together.
The busway, by tying up some loose ends in local mass transit, would provide better service for the transit-dependent and ease traffic by taking cars off the road.
In late August, the family plans to travel to the children's hometown to visit with their biological mother and ``tie up some loose ends,'' Christoffersen said.
There are a lot of areas we didn't have time to finish,'' said Fernandez, who has some loose ends to tie up as team owner before he gets ready to start the season as driver.
Although the city still has some loose ends to tie up with the Castaic Lake Water Agency, which is leasing the land for $15 per year to the city, officials said the park's completion could be as early as the summer of 1999.
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