some day

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ˈsome day

at a time in the future: Some day you’ll realize what good parents you have.
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After all there is as much chance for me here as there was there--that is, I might find it profitable some day.
The men were to teach new hands, who would some day come and break their strike; and meantime they were kept so poor that they could not prepare for the trial!
And suppose that some day when a blizzard struck them and the cars were not running, Ona should have to give up, and should come the next day to find that her place had been given to some one who lived nearer and could be depended on?
This was a China warehouse indeed, truly and literally to be called so, and had I not been upon the journey, I could have stayed some days to see and examine the particulars of it.
I spent some days in examining the step-formed terraces of shingle, first noticed by Captain B.
Some day laborers say their interest will depend on whether unions help them get full-time jobs and become legal residents.