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solitary wasp

A type of wasp that does not live in a social colony. My sister is an entomologist currently studying the behavior of solitary wasps.
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tread a/the (type of) path

To choose a particular kind of lifestyle that one commits to. My brother's always treaded a solitary path, no matter how much we reach out to him. You'll be treading a tough path if you decide to drop out of college now.
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tread a difficult, solitary, etc. ˈpath

choose and follow a particular way of life, way of doing something, etc: A restaurant has to tread the tricky path between maintaining quality and keeping prices down.
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"We are calling on Sacramento County to discontinue its use of profound and prolonged solitary confinement.
Freedom from prolonged and oppressive solitary confinement and adequate access to mental health care are critical components of the jail's ability to pass constitutional muster."
Caption: FIGHT FOR FAIRNESS: The motion filed in federal court calls on Sacramento County discontinue its use of profound and prolonged solitary confinement and challenges its failure to provide access to adequate mental health treatment.
The book adeptly serves the mission of the Voices of Witness series: it "advances human rights by amplifying the voices of people impacted by injustice." The interviews show without a doubt the havoc that solitary confinement causes for inmates physically, mentally, and emotionally -- before, during, and after their time in solitary confinement.
The educational pieces of the book give apt background on the history and usage of solitary confinement, allowing even those examining the practice for the first time to have a firm grasp of the situation.
With the main petition pending with the court, the Indian national has filed the instant application for his removal from solitary confinement and shifting back to the Peshawar Central Prison.
He said the question whether petitioner was entitled to ordinary remission was to be decided by the high court but that might come on record that being Indian citizen could not be advanced as the legal ground for keeping his client in solitary confinement and treating him as anti-state prisoner.
[3] The major concern relates to the potentiality for malignancy of solitary nodule.
The optimal management of a solitary thyroid nodule continues to be a source of controversy, because most surgeons recommend operative intervention and surgery is not always considered by some physicians, advocating either observation or thyroid suppression.
The researchers found that, compared with solitary kidney transplant recipients, simultaneous liver-kidney transplant recipients had lower overall frequency of circulating CD8+, activated CD4+, and effector memory T cells despite a significant overlap.
"The phenotypic and functional characteristics of the circulating blood cells of the simultaneous liver-kidney transplant recipients resembled those of solitary liver transplant recipients, and appear to be associated with donor-specific hypo-alloresponsiveness," the authors write.
(4,5) Solitary juvenile polyp is generally considered a benign hamartomatous lesion without increased risk of progression to carcinoma.6 However, adenomatous change of colonic epithelium is a precursor lesion that can progress to adenocarcinoma.
Previous reports have described adenomatous change in juvenile polyps, but predominantly in patients with multiple polyps or juvenile polyposis rather than solitary juvenile polyps.
The Relevance of Sentencing Jurisprudence to Solitary
The use of solitary confinement, or extreme isolation, (1) is