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solicit for (something)

1. To request or seek to receive something (from someone). The volunteers have been out soliciting for donations to those affected by the massive storm. The man was caught soliciting for sex by an undercover police officer.
2. To ask or try to persuade someone to give something (to one, someone else, some cause, etc.). In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "solicit" and "for." Because of my background in IT, my family always solicits me for help with their computer issues. Tom's wife has been soliciting all of us for money to cover his legal expenses.
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solicit for someone or something

to seek money or other contributions for someone or something, such as a charitable cause. I am soliciting for crippled children. Would you care to contribute? Are you soliciting for a local cause?
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solicit someone for something

to attempt to persuade someone to give something, such as money, for a specific purpose. The school band solicited the owners of the business for a contribution. Fred solicited everyone in his department for at least a dollar.
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The Florida judicial canon forbidding judicial candidates to directly solicit campaign funds preserves the nondonors right to remain anonymous.
California Board of Equalization,(9) the Supreme Court held that the taxpayer's maintenance of two offices in California to solicit advertising for its D.C.-based magazine created "substantial nexus" with California and.
Massachusetts Commissioner of Revenue,(11) a tax tribunal held that mail-order sales by Time's Time-Life Books Division were properly taxable because Time operated an unrelated news bureau in Massachusetts and also employed individuals in Massachusetts to solicit advertising for some of its publications.
representatives, including independent contractors, who solicit
General-focus journals often solicit two independent reviews; editors reject a manuscript with two negative reviews, solicit a third evaluation for split reviews and accept papers with two favorable reviews, pending revisions.
* Solicit author reviews of referees for periodic evaluation by the editor or program director.
Editors often choose referees with different specialties, and sometimes solicit evaluations from scientists representing both sides of a controversy -- tactics that undermine referee agreement but hardly serve as an indictment of peer review, Hargens observes.
(d) Consumer means an individual who purchases, applies to purchase, or is solicited to purchase from you insurance products or annuities primarily for personal, family, or household purposes.
In the case of an application for credit in connection with which an insurance product or annuity is solicited, offered, or sold, you must disclose that the bank may not condition an extension of credit on either:
The disclosure required by paragraph (b) of this section must be made orally and in writing at the time the consumer applies for an extension of credit in connection with which insurance is solicited, offered, or sold.
Intervention proposals are solicited, especially those to test accepted strategies not adequately evaluated in minority populations.
In addition, the distributors solicited for sales of distributorships.
Whether the corporation's activities are done through employees or non-employees who have authority to solicit business on a corporation's behalf, it has availed itself of the substantial benefits of engaging in a commercial activity in a state for which the corporation may be subject to a state income tax "unembarrassed by the Constitution."
The court find that "Bloomingdale's stores in Pennsylvania do not solicit orders on By Mail's behalf nor act as its agents in any fashion and By Mail does not solicit orders for Bloomingdale's." Id.