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solicit for (something)

1. To request or seek to receive something (from someone). The volunteers have been out soliciting for donations to those affected by the massive storm. The man was caught soliciting for sex by an undercover police officer.
2. To ask or try to persuade someone to give something (to one, someone else, some cause, etc.). In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "solicit" and "for." Because of my background in IT, my family always solicits me for help with their computer issues. Tom's wife has been soliciting all of us for money to cover his legal expenses.
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solicit for someone or something

to seek money or other contributions for someone or something, such as a charitable cause. I am soliciting for crippled children. Would you care to contribute? Are you soliciting for a local cause?
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solicit someone for something

to attempt to persuade someone to give something, such as money, for a specific purpose. The school band solicited the owners of the business for a contribution. Fred solicited everyone in his department for at least a dollar.
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The key features of the LNG project under PNOC's solicited scheme are:
(8) The earlier litigation was a class action suit, in which the plaintiffs sought $150 million in damages from Petitioner Anda because their fax advertisements did not meet the requirements of the FCC's Solicited Fax Rule.
Prattville High's Robert Lambert is still solicited by corporate companies, but he refuses to relent.
The Adviser has agreed to compensate the Solicitor in an amount equal to 25% of the fees paid to the Adviser by clients solicited by the Solicitor.
The companies they solicited included some of the nation's largest tobacco, pharmaceutical, computer, energy, banking, liquor, insurance and media concerns, many of which have been targeted in product liability lawsuits or regulations by state governments.
Those being solicited were not told that the for-profit company kept 85 percent of the funds collected for administrative expenses and profit.
Although most of us welcome these laws in hopes they will reduce the amount of garbage in our in-boxes, they also create explicit and implicit requirements for those of us managing solicited and unsolicited e-mail communication.
Forest Service officials actively solicited key public concerns about revising the Chugach forest plan by distributing frequent newsletters; maintaining a Web site to allow the public access to key documents; and holding over 100 public meetings on the plan, including ones to solicit potential alternatives, and later, to discuss its draft preferred alternative plan.
* Obstructing the path of the person who is being solicited;
* The names and addresses of (1) any parties who promoted, solicited or recommended the taxpayer's participation in the shelter transaction and who had a financial interest (including the receipt of fees) in the taxpayer's decision to participate and (2) if known to the taxpayer, any parties who advised the promoter, solicitor or recommender with respect to the shelter;
Honeywell International, Tempe, Ariz., is being awarded a $5,115,211 (or $10,793,077 if the 100% option quantities are exercised) solicited contract for 185 digital electronic control units (DECU).
These children are more likely to be solicited aggressively and at younger ages.
This audit of professional services expenditures and their procurement revealed that KCMCC has not solicited proposals for its annual audit since fiscal year 1993 and did not solicit proposals for some consultants hired to write grant proposals and advise on various programs.
(d) Consumer means an individual who purchases, applies to purchase, or is solicited to purchase from you insurance products or annuities primarily for personal, family, or household purposes.
Entering into an illegal arrangement with a clinical laboratory is a violation of the law whether or not the SNF solicited it or just accepted.