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solicit for (something)

1. To request or seek to receive something (from someone). The volunteers have been out soliciting for donations to those affected by the massive storm. The man was caught soliciting for sex by an undercover police officer.
2. To ask or try to persuade someone to give something (to one, someone else, some cause, etc.). In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "solicit" and "for." Because of my background in IT, my family always solicits me for help with their computer issues. Tom's wife has been soliciting all of us for money to cover his legal expenses.
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solicit for someone or something

to seek money or other contributions for someone or something, such as a charitable cause. I am soliciting for crippled children. Would you care to contribute? Are you soliciting for a local cause?
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solicit someone for something

to attempt to persuade someone to give something, such as money, for a specific purpose. The school band solicited the owners of the business for a contribution. Fred solicited everyone in his department for at least a dollar.
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'For the information of the public, no such investment solicitation was issued by the PSE nor does it solicit investments from individuals,' Refran said.
'We encourage the public to inform the PSE if they have been sent these investment solicitations via email or any other unauthorized investment solicitation purportedly from PSE.'
The federal district court found that "read in isolation," the section "could be construed as a ban on all solicitation." However, the district court chose not to approach the case in that manner.
("L3") for (1) up to USD 3,350,000,000 aggregate principal amount of new notes issued by L3Harris (the "New L3Harris Notes") and (2) cash, and related consent solicitations (the "Consent Solicitations") to adopt certain amendments to each of the indentures governing the Existing L3 Notes, the company said.
SCI is offering to pay each holder who validly delivers and does not validly revoke its consent to the Proposed Amendments in the manner described in the Solicitation Materials on or prior to the Expiration Time (as defined below), a cash payment equal to $1.00 per $1,000 principal amount of Notes held by such holder (collectively, the "Consent Payments"), subject to satisfaction or waiver of certain conditions, including the receipt of valid consents of a majority in aggregate principal amount of the Notes (the "Requisite Consents") and the consummation of the TMobile Transaction.
Any such modification, termination or extension by Harris will automatically modify, terminate or extend the corresponding Consent Solicitation, as applicable.
Any inquiries regarding the Consent Solicitation may be directed to Global Bondholder Services Corporation, the Information and Tabulation Agent for the Consent Solicitation, at (212) 430-3774 (for banks and brokers) or (866) 807-2200 (toll free), or to the solicitation agent for the Consent Solicitation: J.P.
To learn more about Illinois laws regarding charitable solicitations, visit
Instead of a bright-line test, the "better view," according to the court, is that "the identity of the party making initial contact is just one factor among many [to] consider in drawing the line between solicitation," which violates the agreement, and mere "acceptance" of business from a customer, which does not.
Solicitation evaluation should be based in part on the proposal responses to the identified Section 508 requirements and accessibility considerations.
Tabulation and information agent for the consent solicitation Global Restructuring Services Inc has delivered a certification evidencing that the requisite consents were obtained and that the consent solicitation was successful.
On the heels of several new loan closings and conditional commitment offers for some of the country's largest renewable projects announced this summer, the Department of Energy, through the Loan Programs Office, is launching a new manufacturing solicitation and online application portal.
"In the event of a disaster, such as the current oil spill, The Florida Bar is on high alert for violations of its rules, especially with regard to solicitation," said John Berry, director of the Bar's Legal Division.
Solicitation number W9126GSAAO, covering work primarily for the San Antonio area office, is an 8(a) set-aside.
JRS Management, of Lawrenceville, Georgia, protests the terms of solicitation No.