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solicit for (something)

1. To request or seek to receive something (from someone). The volunteers have been out soliciting for donations to those affected by the massive storm. The man was caught soliciting for sex by an undercover police officer.
2. To ask or try to persuade someone to give something (to one, someone else, some cause, etc.). In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "solicit" and "for." Because of my background in IT, my family always solicits me for help with their computer issues. Tom's wife has been soliciting all of us for money to cover his legal expenses.
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solicit for someone or something

to seek money or other contributions for someone or something, such as a charitable cause. I am soliciting for crippled children. Would you care to contribute? Are you soliciting for a local cause?
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solicit someone for something

to attempt to persuade someone to give something, such as money, for a specific purpose. The school band solicited the owners of the business for a contribution. Fred solicited everyone in his department for at least a dollar.
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Niere said Gianan initially solicited a minimum investment of $5,000.
"As far as our office is concerned, we have not sanctioned or endorsed any indigenous community or individual to solicit funds or donations," said Torrefiel.
However, when a judicial campaign committee member solicits a donation from anyone, lay person or lawyer, there is small possibility of de facto intimidation because the judicial candidate is one step removed and would only know the names of donors and the amounts donated.
The organization solicited in front of Massachusetts businesses in communities including Shrewsbury, Uxbridge, Hyde Park and Plainville.
The trip is the initial phase of Kim's "listening tour," as he begins to solicit ideas and views from around the world about the future of the institution.
Last week Labour leader Pat Rabbitte revealed how a law which makes it an offence to solicit a child for sex had accidentally been deleted from the Constitution last year.
The Center for Public Interest Law is opposing the provision that would allow out-of-state CPAs to provide tax services without registering with the CBA (even though the out-of-state CPA may not physically enter California or solicit California clients).
The first is that talented people have to waste their time preparing reports, making presentations and so forth just for the purpose of receiving funding (and this burden appears to be much higher than it would to successfully solicit private funding).
In December 2004 the Board published an initial ANPR to commence a comprehensive review of the open-end credit rules and to solicit comment on a variety of issues relating to the format of open-end credit disclosures, the content of disclosures, and the substantive protections provided under the regulation.
The PHI Portal offers multiple feedback options, including an online user survey, to solicit comments from users.
The most common practice has been to solicit volunteer reviewers from "peers" in the scientific community and then hold the evaluator names anonymous to avoid undue pressure during and after the review.
* IN THEIR SEARCH FOR NEW CLIENTS, CPAs with wealth management practices may wish to pay outside marketers to solicit business on their behalf.
REPUBLICAN STATE ATTORNEYS GENERAL in at least six states telephoned corporations or trade groups subject to lawsuits or regulations by their state governments to solicit hundreds of thousands of dollars in political contributions, according to internal fundraising documents obtained by the Washington Post.
However, for clean recyclables, individual, independent recycling companies may solicit business from various businesses.