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solicit someone for something

to attempt to persuade someone to give something, such as money, for a specific purpose. The school band solicited the owners of the business for a contribution. Fred solicited everyone in his department for at least a dollar.

solicit for someone or something

to seek money or other contributions for someone or something, such as a charitable cause. I am soliciting for crippled children. Would you care to contribute? Are you soliciting for a local cause?
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I will myself solicit this million, or these two hundred gentlemen; and -- we will see.
These, usually to be addressed in reply under initials at a country post-office, inquire in feminine hands, Dare one who cannot disclose herself to Nicodemus Boffin, Esquire, but whose name might startle him were it revealed, solicit the immediate advance of two hundred pounds from unexpected riches exercising their noblest privilege in the trust of a common humanity?
It is just those, the good fellows, the worth while, the fellows with the weakness of too much strength, too much spirit, too much fire and flame of fine devilishness, that he solicits and ruins.
Now in what light, but that of an enemy, can a reasonable woman regard the man who solicits her to entail on herself all the misery I have described to you, and who would purchase to himself a short, trivial, contemptible pleasure, so greatly at her expense
The AG's Office sent letters to Focus on Veterans on three occasions in April and June notifying them that they could not solicit funds.
Last week Labour leader Pat Rabbitte revealed how a law which makes it an offence to solicit a child for sex had accidentally been deleted from the Constitution last year.
Individuals were trying to solicit money or get signatures for political petitions by standing in front of stores, prompting store owners to call the police.
The Center for Public Interest Law is opposing the provision that would allow out-of-state CPAs to provide tax services without registering with the CBA (even though the out-of-state CPA may not physically enter California or solicit California clients).
In December 2004 the Board published an initial ANPR to commence a comprehensive review of the open-end credit rules and to solicit comment on a variety of issues relating to the format of open-end credit disclosures, the content of disclosures, and the substantive protections provided under the regulation.
IN THEIR SEARCH FOR NEW CLIENTS, CPAs with wealth management practices may wish to pay outside marketers to solicit business on their behalf.
Staff were encouraged to solicit phones from family, friends, business associates and neighbors.
Independent sales representatives were contracted to solicit in Michigan.
to solicit donations on behalf of the Salvation Army.
General-focus journals often solicit two independent reviews; editors reject a manuscript with two negative reviews, solicit a third evaluation for split reviews and accept papers with two favorable reviews, pending revisions.
Whether the corporation's activities are done through employees or non-employees who have authority to solicit business on a corporation's behalf, it has availed itself of the substantial benefits of engaging in a commercial activity in a state for which the corporation may be subject to a state income tax "unembarrassed by the Constitution.