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shit out of luck

and SOL
phr. & comp. abb. Completely out of luck. (Usually objectionable.) Sorry. U R SOL.
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The Shred Soles (Skate Insole) are more comfortable than the custom orthotics I got from my podiatrist," said customer Neil Girardi.
A Sole fish is a type of flat fish that lives half buried in the muddy bottom of the ocean.
Managing director Ben Staerck - The Journal's Young Business Person of the Year - said: "My wife has quite an extensive shoe collection and asked me if we could restore her Louboutins' soles.
During the event celebrating 50 years of Vibram sole production, joint funding with sole supplier Quabaug was declared and will concentrate on innovation and technology.
The foot sole of crawling gastropods contains both smooth muscle and ciliated epithelium, making it a unique model for investigating the function of these tissues.
London, Oct 13 ( ANI ): A new study has revealed that rocker sole shoes are not better than generic trainers for reducing lower back pain.
C slippers, $22 Features: A split suede sole with pre-sewn crisscross elastic, in black, white, and European pink.
Soles is a seasoned financial professional with over 35 years of experience as a senior executive of financial institutions.
Soles went the distance giving up five hits with four strikeouts and no walks.
Another distinguishing characteristic is that the eyes of the halibut, unlike those of flounders and soles, are on both sides of the head.
Johnson of the National Marine Fisheries Service in Seattle and her coworkers decided to examine female soles.
After 200,000 simulated steps in Bayer's test lab, soles retained 68% of their compressibility (damping properties), reportedly a record in this weight category.
The lighter-weight smartLite acts as an effective midsole because of its ability to bond easily to TPU soles, Huntsman says.
The business initially supplied soles to Forward Shoes, but because the Italians' involvement made the joint venture's sole design reflect European tastes, other Indian shoe exporters have sourced soles from its factories.